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Author Topic: Fluke Corporation transformations up to 2017 & nowadays brand public image  (Read 171 times)

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Offline Kiriakos GR

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This is a sort analysis written by me Kiriakos Triantafillou - an 48 years old industrial electrician from Greece, and this analysis has to do with brand public image of Danaher group brands. 

But rather writing lots of text which few will care about, I will focus just at Fluke corporation, this was a brand name which it did started counting on worldwide recognition thanks to it founder Mr. John Fluke (1970).

As electrician & Blogger I am the one whom I am obligated not just monitoring market about new products release, but also staying in contact with headquarters of brands.
ITTSB Blog this founded to inform fellow consumers professionals (electricians - electronics) of what modern electrical test and measurement products can do for them.
And second offering this is customer feedback back to product developers so them corrects their mistakes.

Three days back I wanted to contact Fluke corporation so me to receive few missing information's about latest T6-1000 (fork type voltmeter ammeter basic tester).
Fluke marketing people they did schedule 25 September as product release date and at that date some one named as Dan Wright he seems to posted at several media sources, messages relative to this new product.

I though to contact the man, because I did note that product information they are incomplete.
Information's missing are drop-proof data and IP ratings (waterproof, dust proof, etc) 
Such information's they have significant importance not only regarding product use limits but also for product storage.   

When I received my email reply, this did not sends from a Fluke corporation engineer but instead from an outsider this be a third party  ( PayneSpencer LLC )
whom now handling communication of Fluke Corporation with their customers.

Personally I do not give a shit of how Danaher group ( Directors ) move the stings of their property and puppet named as Fluke Corporation.
But In past seven years I did noted three new significant changes.
1) Fluke Corporation brand, this does not have any freedom to run this business as they did in the past.
2) Almost of total production activity this is now Made in China.
3) Even communication of customers with this brand product developers this seems now impossible.
According my views and taste, according my own experiences as an 48 years old freelancer whom this cooperated for 30 years up to date with several brands and factories them be local or international, such new practices they do create negative charge to me, and they do demolish even slightest positive impression which I had in my head of what Fluke brand logo this represents today.

Founder Mr. John Fluke he did unquestionably assisted majority of front-line electricians so them getting tools of innovation at their hands, but this is now ancient history.

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Offline giorgos

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I think that the "empire" of Fluke has began to fade.
Another point in my opinion ,except the fact you mentioned, is the absence of releasing new models at last years.
Same time that other competitors (e,g, Hioki ) does make significant steps of progress.

Offline Kiriakos GR

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My burst of justified empathy after of a such terribly wrong  handling of my communication from their end, it did forced them to contact me back, this time was the appropriate person.

I do not care of brands decisions regarding lowering down operational costs except if their decisions they do severely downgrade quality of services.
Few years ago they shrink their offering of Life-time Warranty to seven years, by the excuse that savings will become R&D for new products.
I did not see anything other than a few volt testers in the past seven years, and neither a low in resolution thermal camera this married with a multimeter, this is not called innovation in my village.

In my profession if I lost my competitiveness this translates that I am starting to pull out from this business.       
For a highly trained single person such a decision most of times translates to death, except if there is a chance about making more money by becoming a toilet paper salesman.
In contrast, one brand controlled by stockholders, this could start making soaps by be reformed in a few weeks time, because max profitability this is all that matters.

China this is famous at reforming production lines, and the outcome this is lots of electronics with life-cycle of few days/weeks them ending at west-world dumpsters.
From the other hand most Asian factories they do not care about branding, or about bragging rights and of recorded history.

Food for though.   
WWW.ITTSB.EU   Industrial Test Tools Scoreboard  (Product Reviews Blog) / Editor in Chief.



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