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Author Topic: GW Instek: GDS-2000A Firmware Update - Latest Version 1.27 (22-3-2016)  (Read 2826 times)

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This Topic is dedicated to GDS-2000A Oscilloscopes and their firmware releases. 

Message for all members and visitors of ITTSB Blog:

Latest GW Instek policy for download of firmware updates, this is that only registered members by a VIP user account them will have access to such files.

Such new policy this is active since beginning of 2017.

Latest version V1.27  22-3-2016
changes log unknown

Older versions change log

V1.23 2 September 2015

1. Fixed the LIN trigger issue
2. Fixed the auto measurement inaccuracy issue when the  digital filter turned on

V1.22  2 April 2015
1. Improved the auto-set performance
2. Added Measurement Reference Level ( APP requested )
3. UART 9 bit decode supported

V1.21  22 April 2014
1. Fixed the storage issue for settings of bus decoder function

V1.20   7 March 2014
1.Added bus decode function for analog input channels
2.Fixed remote control commands for datalog Function
3.Fixed operating asynchronous issue for FFT remote control commands
4.Fixed incorrect decoding issue for bus decode function when single mode activated

V1.19  20 November 2013
Added new measurement function
Added SYNC control function for AFG
Added recall function Data log
Fixed AFG control issue
Fixed build-in waveforms parameter for AFG (App installation required)
Fixed trigger bug for CAN/LIN bus decoder
Fixed Japanese character displaying bug
Increased data transmitting speed for UART

V1.18   28 September 2013
Added CAN/LIN bus decoder
Added AFG function
Added source selection
Fixed data missing during UART transmitting

V1.17   17 July 2013
Enhanced software performance
Enhanced VPO display performance
Fixed incorrect interpretation display for dot mode
Adjusted sensitivity for knobs
Fixed the identification error when both scope and build-in web server communicated
Changed the operations for optional DS2-FGN
Added LA logical trigger: OR, NAND, NOR (APP software installation required)
Added data logger function (APP software installation required)

V1.15  29 May 2013
Fixed position adjustment error for average mode
Fixed the data missing issue during the GPIB high-speed data transmitting
Added horizontal expand mode (optional APP installation required)

V1.14  14 May 2013
Enhance EXT Channel Trigger Stability
Fixed “Measure display all” issue
Fixed Horizontal Line display error
Fixed Search issue
Fixed bus decode issue
Fixed FG setting issue on default

V1.13   April 2013
Enhanced maximum frequency module output to 5MHz
Enhanced free run limit for Segment
Fixed duty cycle sending error

Added remote command for option
Added GPIB & FG
Added GDB03 Demo Mode App
Added DVM App
Added FG Function
Fixed self-calibration language error
Fixed ATL Trigger level setting error
Fixed vertical self-calibration progress missing line
Fixed Segment State reading error
Fixed cursor error under Segment
Fixed roll mode error

V1.08 First release  23 November 2012
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