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Title: Announcement: DEREE DE-711 AC/DC DMM current probe 67/600A scheduled review 2017
Post by: Kiriakos GR on March 20, 2015, 10:45:11 AM
DER EE Electrical since 2013 had in their planning to release DE-711 AC/DC clamp current probe, so to work in combination with DE-208A multimeter.

DE-208A multimeter has been reviewed by ITTSB many months back, and the verdict was very positive.
This is a meter with a fast processor at 6000 counts, very robust range switch and molded rubber at it case, sensitive mV range starting measuring for 1mV.

In my eyes it shown as direct competitor of Fluke 87V.
In comparison with Agilent U1272A, DE-208A showed much stable when working in current sensor mode.
My only complain from it even today, is that it does not have a high contrast LCD display, but aside this detail it is a rock solid meter.

Generally speaking AC/DC clamp current probe for multimeters is extremely useful equipment.
Unfortunately similar offerings from other vendors up to date were always high priced and this made them unpopular.
The new offering of DEERE Electrical is DE-711 which is a DMM probe/Sensor aiming electrical applications.
DE-208A when combined with DE-711 offer three digits resolution when measuring at 1A.
ITTSB will test and evaluate both equipments in the near future.