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Author Topic: Repair (cleaning) bench-top grinding wheel with Diamond coated Dressing tool  (Read 168 times)

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bench-top grinding wheel (power tool), this is a must have for most maintenance electricians, and for many others.

This topic it is dedicated to maintenance of grinding wheel stones.

While selection of grid for its rotating stone this is a matter of choice, most people will agree to similar grid for the stone this removes large particles.
Second choice and far more important this is selection of stone for medium or fine work (higher or highest grid).

I work mainly with metals as soft iron, copper, aluminum, and also with transparent materials as is Plexiglas, acrylic plastics and plastics.
Recently I made a choice for a 420 grid (grinding wheel stone) this is by made by TYROLIT (green color) and new production item.
My new problem to solve this is that in such of fine grid,  particles of Plexiglas & acrylic plastics and plastics, they have the tendency to melt and such sticky particles they pollute grinding surface of the stone.

Professional users of bench-top grinding wheels, they never have just one machine, and they always use with respect to stone wheel only friendly materials to it ( closest to wheel stone handling specifications).

I have only one machine of professional grade of bench-top grinding wheels, therefore I am forced to work with several different materials and only two stones.

In the Market   
There is a rather inexpensive tool this is metal coated with diamonds, this helping stones to restore their surface by removal of grinding material.

Now there is a catch (fine detail),  such Diamond coated Dressing tools, they are not all alike.
There is a separation in the regard of grid number.

Most ones with lowest price this is for very low grid and totally unfriendly to use with stones of high grid.
At economy priced Dressing tools,  you need to identify grid by looking the pictures.
Higher density of diamond particles over metal this translates to medium grid.  

Also there is out there and tools for Fine Grid, they are priced higher than other grids, and selection this is also tricky.
If Fine Grid tool this is finest that your stone grid, them your stone grid number will become higher even temporarily.

I am not after scarpering knifes,  but I need flat surface as sides of rather soft metals and plastics.
Such work is possible with medium grid stones and fine grid stones, if you work at fine grid stones with more patience.

In conclusion ....
Instead buying three of Diamond coated Dressing tools, you might solve the problem by getting one for medium grid.
At eBay jungle this is priced of 2.50EUR and higher ( I did ultra long research) , but you also need to inspect product pictures carefully.
If a seller using product pictures illustrating several but different tools and single price = avoid him.     
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