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Author Topic: Upcoming Mini Review of ZHIYU ZPB30A1 110W DC Load 0-30V at ITTSB Blog  (Read 2408 times)

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Re: Upcoming Mini Review of ZHIYU ZPB30A1 110W DC Load 0-30V at ITTSB Blog
« Reply #30 on: October 24, 2017, 11:52:17 AM »
Hi Kiriakos

First. I really enjoy your blog and recognise the effort you have put into it.

I am retired Avionics engineer who now is now investigating sailplane-glider battery capacity problems. We keep adding electrical gadgets so batteries are failing.

I found the ZDP 30 A1 as a possible solution to finding the true state of our batteries.

Your ZDP 30 A1 reviews are superb and I want to buy one.  Can you suggest a good supplier please?

Also, I note that there are 2 versions, 60 and 110 watts. The 60 watt version is suitable for my 12V 7AH battery tests; but you say that the firmare for the 110 Watt version is more modern and better. Can you help me with a making decision.

All the best


Hi Les,

1)  I am not going to suggest supplier because even me about getting this item in Greece, I did faced 50 days of waiting for arrival from China.
I do not recommend any one these Days from eBay, uncertainty in shipping times, this has tremendously increase. 
2) 12V 7AH battery this is identical to my Honda motorcycle battery.  :)
Personally I did not test 60W version.
Firmware differences this is not major, what I care about this is proper heat dissipation.
More suitable this is 110W for you application, test of 7A in one hour this is possible.

Even me I did the choice of 110W model, because my application this is mainly 12V 7AH battery in ups and even in electric bicycles (these using deep discharge battery).   

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