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I was not aware that every (Like it ) click over YouTube it would cause to me significant problems in the future.

In every YouTube search which I did, and especially when searching for difficult topic ( few to none videos),  YouTube started bombarding with ...Video suggestions ... links them be totally unrelated with what I was searching for. 

Additionally most YouTube suggestions for me was about videos which I marked as liked in the past.

YouTube job this is 100% at serving advertisers and to collect views and clicks, in the end of the day everything its all about profit.
But from my point of view anything which works against my productivity, I just remove it from my life.

I had only about 200 liked videos, and to delete my tracks  was easy due YouTube (my profile page ).
As first I had switch Liked-videos review page this presenting my liked videos in a single line (minimum view) and then at the left corner of its video there was a delete option.
I did manually delete all 200 liked videos and now this playlist it is empty and this translates that I AM also FREE OF MY PAST   ;)     
Good news for our readers ( measurements of a new part)  :)
Bad news for my customer (friend), copper housed valve this is also destroyed, and now this must be also replaced.

Lesson learned from this adventure : Always get new coil and specific mechanical valve.

I was aware that after ITTSB this having a new constant current load (battery capacity tester), this tools will help me to find out complete truth about any rechargeable battery that I own.

Sub C NiCd  according to latest EU directives this is a forbidden type of battery to be sold in Europe, by an exception of tools using them (military use or healthcare).
About a year ago I was in need to refurbish NiCd power pack of  screwdriver/ power drill, and I did purchase from eBay NiCd 2500mAh cells by the hope that I would get at least 1400 ~ 1600 mAh from them.
I am not making heavy use of my cordless power drill and therefore I was unable to evaluate actual batteries capacity.   

In recent days I did feel that battery pack this cut-out earlier than the usual, and I did open it up for inspection.
One cell of eight, this formed higher internal resistance, and therefore this one started receiving and storing less charge.
six cells looking good so far, and seventh this just started having higher internal resistance.

I  thought to perform capacity inspection in the ones with lower internal resistance as them be best regarding condition.
Prior performing any test to these cells, i did perform similar tests to unbranded batteries them be designed for cordless tools, them supposed to be 1600 mAH as new and now as used they deliver around 1400.
Testing of cells for power tools, at fast drain 1.6A they did deliver 1.200~1.400 mAh ( three used samples), fourth cell was heavily damaged (No good for any use) .
Today by testing cells at my power pack, I did not liked the truth at all.

Fake labels of 2500 mAh  out-side and cells these be at about 1000 mAh its one, at low drain test 400mA and at high drain test at 1.4A they deliver less or about 700mAh.

Fake capacity this does not only translates that your run time will be less,  Fake capacity also translates that your charger this deliver higher charging current than what these Ni-CD cell for toys, they are able to handle,  and frequent use of your power tool this will create stress to the cells and them will collapse much sooner than what you would expect.

Lesson learned ... I am going to buy only genuine Ni-CD Panasonic stock from Germany, as I am thinking to rebuild this battery pack for a last time.
For any lost soul this searching whereabouts of PeakTech  Oscilloscope 1360 (12bit) there is no more searching for you.  ;D

PeakTech 1360 this is OEM work of OWON (China) and actual model this is XDS3102A.
OWON Home page -> XDS3102A

PeakTech® 1360 (product page)
CEME solenoid this is common ground as brass solenoid valve in several Ironing Machines with internal mini Boiler for constant steam.

I found one damaged CEME 688 ( 17VA ) 13mm inside a PHILIPS GC 8220.
But several brands using it too: STIRELA, Tefal, Rowenta and possibly many more, and possibly all are made in just one factory in China.

Recommended old school advice this is to use your multimeter and measure the coil.
New problem this is that CEME website and products PDF does not mention coil resistance and neither coil inductance.
Therefore according to CEME policy, I must thrown in the toiled my meters and I should pay 20 EUR to a fortune teller for getting a prediction.

Now that I make it clear that engineers at CEME that they are idiots,  I will continue with my story.
I did measure over CEME 688, 1.4K Ohm resistance with my dmm, and not with just one but three (triple confirmation), but while the measurement seems valid this is not.
This solenoid it is a dead stick and it was not able to fool the LCR meter which this measured just 4.3H when other references about similar coils these mention 25H.   

Now if my customer him accepts total cost of repair, then I am going to order a new solenoid and due actual measurements (resistance/inductance) I will collect data and I will post them here, as assistance to other lost souls, them still using just a multimeter in our days.

Electrical Metrology for enthusiast / Inner view of Non-inductive Ceramic Resistors
« Last post by Kiriakos GR on September 13, 2017, 04:35:33 PM »
In modern electronics they are fewer chances one repair man to recognize a part by simple eye inspection as we did one decade back.

Back then anything white and square and externally ceramic, this was described as ceramic-housed / flame-retardant / Wire-wound resistor.

In modern pulsing power supply there is no room any more for Wire-wound resistors, mostly because due product design ( a large coil ) their use causing issues due their  inductance.
(the property of an electric conductor or circuit that causes an electromotive force to be generated by a change in the current flowing.)

New solution this is Non-inductive Ceramic Resistors, and picture bellow this is a very good example. 
30 Days prior next TAITRONICS 2017 in Taiwan and my research for new products in the market of electrical test and measurement meters and equipment,  this ended by the conclusion that 2018 will begging with out any significant product release.

This is bad new for Bloggers because when R&D teams are in a sleep, we have a difficulty creating new content for our Blogs.  :(

Either way, feel free exploring by your self TAITRONICS website and exhibitor list, you might find something interesting for your taste.

I thought to bid in one auction for UNI-T UT658 and I did Win  8)
Therefore in about a month time I will be able to touch it and test it.

At my first (Charger's)  Tester KCX-017, display screen was crashed due an accident and for some time I am looking for a replacement.
USB Tester KCX-017

While UNI-T UT658 this is no special regarding functions, it three times larger in dimensions screen this is appealing. 
Especially for older people that their eyes do not favor tiny screens any more.

For new eBay users I will pass some advice's.

At eBay actual street price of goods this is never visible to buyers, one educated buyer should be aware of street pricing prior searching eBay.
Most to all eBay sellers from Asia they now set a price according to their expectations.
In most cases this starts from double than real street price and some thief's they could ask up to 10 times of street price.

Shipping cost from China for a long 25~35 Days delivery, this is less than 15 cents.

According my previews experiences, street price of UNI-T UT658 this could be 1.30$ with VAT in China.
This is retail price and seller this is a First-hand = he got it directly from the factory (UNI-T).
One wise overseas buyer him should never accepts paying more than double of street price, because by doing so he does encourages greedy people to ask for more in this pricing stock market.

I did participate in a bidding by having my upper limit based on this concept.
People in China they are not idiots,  buyers upper limit in auctions this slowly becomes a pricing that all sellers will follow, because this is what the market is willing to pay for a specific product.
Products of China these are now millions,  overpriced goods price this takes long time to become reasonable.

Therefore it is an obligation of every wise buyer him to demonstrate patience, and to wait for a opportunity to engage in a auction.
Nowadays eBay BUY NOW button this by 85% it is a trap when you buy a single item.
Best buying practice this is buying quantity of 10 Pieces, but no one needs so many UT658 testers.  ;D

Either way just be careful out there .... educated consumer this is knowledge that comes slowly due upcoming experiences,  but by be always alerted, this is a good first step.  ;)
ITTSB - YouTube Video / HIOKI E.E. Corporation : Field-Proven Strength
« Last post by Kiriakos GR on September 12, 2017, 11:42:59 PM »
New Video September 2017

UNI-T, instead this investing to compete at market of high performance multimeter which their product are known as very poor performers, this instead made the choice to get in to low-end mobile phones gadgets by an offering of product UT658.

USB tester UT658 this is nothing new, this is a copy of no-name capacity tester this available since 2011 at eBay.
Visual change this is limited to digital display type in use ( liquid crystal ).

Three of March 2017 UNI-T did this product release.
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