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This is my active project and today, estimated to be completed in few hours.  :)

Due specific project box selection, there is one limitation speaking of easy to dismantle this box.
Therefore I took few pictures from the internals at 95% regarding wiring job.

If there will be a contest in the future of most advanced regarding design electrical breakout box, this one will win the first prize.

This is not a usual electrical breakout box, this one it does offer and a second functionality as active monitor of ups output.
This tool in combination with ITTSB Variac transformer project, it is one complete ups evaluation test bed.

As soon this gets ready I will add further explanatory text regarding combinations of usability.
19th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’17 ECCE Europe, will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 11 to 14 September 2017.

I was puzzled for adding or not a handle, all those months.
Due this transformer design and placement, weight balance this is not equally distributed and 95% of weight this is at front panel.
I did thought for a top handle, but this eliminates the option about to add second equipment at the top of this case.
Then I though to add two handles at the front, but this box it is tremendously space limited speaking of how much wide this is.

Front banana plugs they do serve for voltage confirmation purposes.

Variac transformer this is source device, for example ups equipment will be connected to it and one special electrical break-out box will be connected at ups output.
Right now I am working to make this special electrical break-out box.   ;)

Excellent job with factory looking!
Very good construction with care even for any detail.
The bannana plugs are in parallel with AC socket for measurements i suppose?
Also allow me to suggest you to put a handle, in order to make the carrying easier.
Now you have a very useful instrument.
This is an update after me installing this new die.  :)

This new experience of my it did worked as reminder that perfection even in the world of metals, this comes by strict following of accuracy in measurements.
Just one or two millimeter error this is enough to characterize one crimping tool as good working or this be a Fail.

In my case I have 98% success even if new die this is probably made from another factory, and because all such factories they hide their brand, you are not able to make a choice based of manufacturer brand.

I made about 20 cables with it, and results they are very acceptable.
Another journey came to the end and because of that several new journeys they are going to begin.  8) 

Kiriakos Triantafillou proudly presents his very own design of modern made Variac transformer for laboratory use.
Most to all parts used in this project they are all certified and branded, I am now officially an IEC fanboy ;D

While most of my work will look familiar to other professional electricians, I will simply clarify that for DC fan I just added a single diode and a small capacitor, DC output this is 7.5V and this helping the fan to operate silently.

Industrial switch this at zero position it does cut-off neutral and phase.
Position one: This is LINE transformer wiring, and translates to adjustment of Mains available voltage down to zero.
Position two:  This is Boost transformer wiring, and translates to boost of 230V up to 270 ACV.
According to specific variac transformer user manual, only LINE mode this warrantied  2.1KVA in complete adjustable range.
In Boost mode with consumption of 8A there is slight loss of boost voltage at about 4~5 volts.

In summary this is one indestructible work horse, combining best technology and parts over planet earth, and this having also an Made in Greece product design. 
Total weight 10 Kilos.  ;)
I'm sure your message is very good. Get a lot of benefits.
I think your idea is very good.
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