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Bellow it is a picture of testing source aiming quality verification of analog phone lines.

Maker this is Italian Capodarco Elettronica, past known location Roma.
Nothing of the past of this brand it is traceable due internet.

But they did something interesting in this product design, they did use porcelain as insulation at the top of this test box.   :)
I can now assume that all major parts for this upcoming project they are landed in Greece.  :)

Feel free to see detailed Panel meters unboxing topic.  http://www.ittsb.eu/forum/index.php?topic=1270.0
Now starts the fun factor and enthusiasm getting involved too !!   ;)

Analogue VS Digital  worlds   :)   
Those panel meters are truly lovely !   

Thanks to our friends at DER EE ELECTRICAL METER CO. LTD. today ITTSB blog this proudly present unboxing pictures of professional panel meters for industrial use, and to any electrical project this requiring branded quality and long term reliability.

DER EE Electrical brand in Taiwan has a large portfolio of analog and digital panel meters.
For electrical applications product dimensions are DE-72 and DE-96.


DER EE panel meters they come complete with screws for electrical connections and mounting clips for panel door or enclosure face plate installation.

Enjoy the pictures !! 
Quality made multi-meters by HIOKI, BRYMEN, Keysight and FLUKE, all offer the range of conductance function and measuring unit this is nanoSiemens (nS) 

Conductance function this is about measuring very high resistance.
Most Digital multimeter they have limit at measuring lower resistance at NS range and not higher ones.

For example:
60nS=16.6 meg ohms ( This is Fluke 28II limit down)
300nS= 3.33 meg ohms ( This is Keysight U1272A limit down)
The conversion of nS to Mega Ohm is simple by dividing by 1000 your NS measured value.
Example :  1000 / nano-Siemens (measurement)  = resistance

ITTSB Blog begging of 2017 added in it testing devices one special resistances box this for evaluation of insulation testers.


This translates that now I am able to test also regular multimeter conductance function speaking of quality of calibration and its DMM true potentials.
It is known that conductance function this is not of high accuracy and at best could be 2%, from the other hand it is useful at understanding the magnitude of high resistance element under test.

Bellow it is my fresh made ITTSB Blog conversion chart, this including examples so to help you at easy identification of Ohms measuring range. 8)

0.055 ns = 18.0 G

0.06 nS  = 16.0 G

0.38 nS  = 2.6 G

2.5 nS = 400 M

5 nS = 200 M

10 nS = 100 M

20 nS = 50 M

25.66 nS = 39M

90.9 nS = 11M

100 nS = 10M

I took those measurements by using HIOKI DT2872,  and if there is one conclusion to be made this is that resistance measurements above 5 GigaOhm starts to become a challenge because we getting in measurement made by what is called as less significant digits range.
At this point differences as for example 0.055 ns  VS  0.05 or VS 0.06 nS are huge and measurement accuracy gets extremely questionable.

Now few tips for reliable measurements at conductance function:    

a)  Test lead probe this must be not touched by hands, use of alligators clip this is required, we are talking here for No-hands measurement.
b) Test lead wires them should not cross its other or be near to its other, five centimeter clearance between two cables all the way until measuring point this is safe.
c) When cables and multimeter both are set correctly,  keep a distance of 30 centimeter away of multimeter until measurement this settle down (stabilizes).   
Measurements of high resistance values it is a very tricky business for a multimeter, but not impossible if you are aware of all details and this ( By ITTSB made) How-To guide.

This is an update (This coming with a bit of delay).

End of 2015 AMASS factory changed their production lines and now they make DC power connectors only.

March 2017 IEC made an update this redefine test leads manufacturing rules, especially of ones claim CAT IV (4) compliance.
Therefore be careful when you select test leads for applications of  220V - 380V - or higher.
Old stock of test leads in some cases may be now outdated.

IEC 61010-2-034: 2017
Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 2-034: Particular requirements for measurement equipment for insulation resistance and test equipment for electric strength
In this question I had to answer recently at my self .
But any worthy answer it has value only if this is result of research. 

At stock market of Ebay in 2017 Chinese logistics companies they did their decisions of lowest price that they accept for any product.
Chinese logistics companies  they are now the invisible middle man.

Currently Crimping Ratchet with Die this is priced at best close to 12 EUR.
Single Die this is about 5.5 EUR and at best offer situation you might get it at 3.90 EUR .

Low-cost Crimping Ratchet it is not bad (speaking of quality) and pricing this is close to reasonable, but no one can predict life cycle.

The answer in above question is rather simple if you have purchase a Crimping Ratchet  with not a popular Die.
I am electrician and Crimping of RF connectors this is a LOW in popularity application.   
By me getting one Die for crimping of insulated clips, single Crimping Ratchet this now becomes a multi tool.

Now be careful because our enemy is watching and he is also aware of what is popular or unpopular. 
And this explain the fact that Crimping Ratchet with a popular A30J Die this is priced for 19 EUR (lowest price).
When unpopular Crimping Ratchet for BNC & RF connectors this is priced at 12 EUR  (lowest price).

Nowadays there is circulating one offering at about 30~35 EUR and this is one Crimping Ratchet with five Dies.
Be warned that most of these Dies I consider them that they are for unpopular applications.

In the end of the day the point is how much money you are trying to save, by acting smart.
This topic serves one goal, and this is to help you to discover all sides of this iceberg. 

For me neither paying over 100 EUR for a KNIPEX Crimping Ratchet this is reasonable to do.
I am in a war against overpriced goods.
Every specialized topic becomes another opportunity for me so to expand my vocabulary. :)
Gentlemen this thing called as Hole Saw Arbour  

And most of those shiny pilot drills are made by cobalt.
Our own Hole cutter Wikipedia this is now complete.    ;D
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