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E-bay Member since: Jun 09, 2007 ... and definable I have experiences of how E-bay this transformed over the years.

Nowadays there is no more any small sellers from Asia,  about 80% of products of any color and any shape, sale pricing this is controlled by huge logistics companies them having one number of at least 15 E-bay stores registered with different names.
E-bay it self accepts the fact that a single logistics company ( front man) he can legally own up to seven stores with different names.

Speaking of products I will use as example one basic insulated banana (shrouded version).
a) In packages of 100 pcs this is priced for  0,15 $ its one (factory price).
b) In packages of 1000 pcs this is priced for  0,7 $ its one (factory price).

Nowadays there is no source ( E-bay store ) selling them less than 1,20$ for small quantity 2~5 pcs,  and for larger quantity (20+) price never drops below 0,90$ its one.
No matter how hard you will search eBay,  pricing of those goods will be similar.

Additionally E-bay this is now an organization, with marketing tools, this translate that any major seller by paying advertising fee, he gets extreme visibility.
If you type keywords as :  4mm banana plug  ( E-bay search) you will get 20,000 results.
Additionally if you are using several E-bay localized channels ( Ebay.UK, Ebay.DE,  Ebay.IE ) you will again discover that search results those are further controlled, and that there is a huge manipulation.

With a such distorted and manipulated Market Place, nowadays it might worth to search and find of what you need in local stores ( in your area).

Nowadays I am using E-bay with tremendously caution,  I will shop only for unpopular goods that local shops do not have in stock, and even so I will spent over two hours about finding what I need at lowest price,  by looking in 2000 search results so to discover if there is any E-bay store this not be aggressively controlled by those New logistics companies lobby.     

Last day I did succeed to get 10 PCS banana plugs for 0,90 EUR its one,  and because of that I feel like be a hero.   :P       
Very recently I did become aware that France using different color codes from Germany and the rest of the world.

Bellow there is pictures of both charts.

Another (envelope) unboxing today  8)
One unique tool that mostly industrial electricians using in their work.

HSC8 6-4 End Sleeves Tool 

Arrived totally dry from lubrication, I did a bath to it with SAE 90. 

I got Nostalgia about the past   ;)  .... here is one collection of some nice pictures that I gathered from the internet with major difficulty.

METABO Dynamic 350 Watt Elektronik-Stichsäge St E 350  8)
Quality Metal working job this is essential part of this project.

Brushed aluminum Finish over aluminum sheet this requiring professional grade of tools.
My work around this was to get just the brash and one special axle for using it with my Metabo cutting tool, and variable speed due our New variac transformer  8)

Neither this option came at low price,  but when you aim perfection there is no price tag to that.
Every job has it small secrets and cutting metal by jigsaw this task has it own.

In 1996 I got my Metabo St 450 from a friend, used but working, I was inexperienced about jigsaw (fine cut) back then,  and over the years no one offered to me any special seminar about how much my work this would be improved if this tool was have speed control.

I was have to wait up to 2017, so to discover that there is similar model to my own well trusted Metabo St 450,  which this has a magic E letter over it.

The all story started when I discovered that my Metabo St 450 this has heavily damaged roller (blade guide) and nowadays there is no such spare part availability.
Then I thought to find an identical used tool getting it for spare parts.
By searching eBay I did engaged in one opportunity sale, this is about Metabo St E 350, by translating in Greek language this speed control plate I did become wiser.  8)     

Lesson No1: Single speed jigsaw this is good only for woods.

Lesson No2: Metal and aluminum requiring about half speed than cutting wood.

Lesson No3: If you have old times professional power tools then try to get a used one for spare parts.

While I got this Metabo jigsaw St E 350 at 12E with 16E shipping from Germany,  price of new spare parts even if they was available this would be higher ( roller guide & possibly a pair of fresh carbon brush).


Smiles and teasing ended after goods inspection  :(

All bulbs having oxidation issue at the one side of their contact point.
Green residue of salts everywhere, and because contact point this is dome shaped, there is no cleaning solution.

In the positive side of things this seller looks serious and will refund.   
Halogen Bulbs R7s in sushi rolls    ;D ;D ;D

Special delivery in Greece, many thanks to the chief !! 

PS: Plastic pipe this is not returnable = extra gift  ;)
New addition to my hardware tools portfolio   8) 

(got them especially for this project) €9.46 EUR
No storage bag, but I did came with one solution ( floppy disk 1.44 clear case)  ;)
Fast shipping from Taiwan and my own peace of mind this is now restored !!  8)

Service life of front wheel pads at about 4350Km. 

Before - After comparison !! 
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