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Author Topic: Unboxing - HIOKI EE Corporation - RM3542A Resistance Meter for precision work  (Read 322 times)

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Hioki RM3542A this is newest Resistance Meter for precision work.

We like to thanks HIOKI EE Corporation and Michelle Uchiyama Marketing Manager, for sending to ITTSB this very special meter.

Link to product page:https://www.hioki.com/en/products/detail/?product_key=6364

ITTSB Blog since 2017 this going to engage at exploring several products relative to calibration standards.
Additionally there are two active projects ahead relative with high technology resistance products, first this is about a special resistor box this able to test insulation multimeter tester with output up to 4000 Volts.

Second project, this is improving our own (legendary regarding style) decade resistance box, this was assembled back in 2010, this using regular type film metal (Vishay) resistors.
Upcoming upgrade this will consist replacement of most parts by latest of Vishay Foil brand, and more specifically all NEW resistors they are made to serve at highest precision applications (secondary standards). 8)

In conclusion best Resistance Meter for precision work of 2017 this will demonstrate it max lever of performance by this measuring Top quality Vishay Foil resistors which all of them were manufactured under requested specifications from ITTSB Blog.
Full story and all details will be hosted in few weeks at our Blog front page.

Hioki RM3542A this is an amazing equipment, with enormous amount of measuring range, and a very high display resolution in digits.
Primary this is designed to serve at resistors production factory (sector of high precision resistors).
This mainly has connectivity ability so to be used at fully automated product inspection lines.
Manual control this is possible but this is not as easy as you using instead a high-end multimeter.

Enjoy our first pictures from Hioki RM3542A ITTSB Blog Unboxing. :)
This is now property of ITTSB Blog.
Additionally I like to thanks our friends at HIOKI EE Corporation for all extra gifts!! 
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