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Author Topic: Digital dual panel meter 0~100V 0~10A DC (4 digits)  (Read 436 times)

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Digital dual panel meter 0~100V 0~10A DC (4 digits)
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:31:55 PM »
Mid of 2016 I got two of those digital dual panel meter  0~100V  0~10A  DC  (4 digits).
They come cheaply from eBay from time to time.
I got the version with on-board shunt, and I did this choice because both of my applications they are chargers with limited current by design.

The good news are that the first which I am using in a charger for electric assistant bicycle, this has work for about eight months and goes strong.
I do charge my battery about every week, this translates to about 16 hours every month, so far 128 hours of constant use.

My second application this is monitor for mobile phone chargers, later on I did add and input & output 4mm banana plugs, and now this is usable in a lot more applications.
I am powering the meter with 9V rechargeable, and by this way this meter it is now able to measure any voltage up to 100V DC.

Few comments:
a) Measurement update speed this not as fast compared to any good handheld multimeter.
b) Such LED display looks unfriendly to digital cameras.
c) If you eyes are not young any more, then select a panel meter with both meters using blue LED (if possible), this helps seeing the meter from a greater distance.
e) While stock photos at eBay they demonstrate something large, those panel meters are small.
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