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Author Topic: Announcement: VPG POWERTRON, hands on High-Voltage Thick Film resistors GST4020  (Read 364 times)

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I am very pleased to announce today a new marketing cooperation between ITTSB Blog and  VPG POWERTRON.

As is known most insulation resistance testers, they work in a variety of voltages, from 50V them scaling up to 1000V or more.
Therefore best solution for the evaluation of handheld insulation resistance testers, this is one resistors box made by high-voltage resistors.

VPG – POWERTRON and Mr. Frank Weise ( Senior Field Design Engineer
VPG Foil Resistors, Central & East Europe), he suggest as best product for such an application GST4020 Thick Film resistors.
GST4020 this has tightest tolerances and it is specified to withstand 4000 ACV (4 KV), in simple words they are indestructible  8)

My selection regarding several resistor values this was made according to measuring ranges of latest handheld insulation resistance testers.

GST4020 resistors : By  POWERTRON VPG
1M Ohm 0.25%

10M Ohm 0.25%

39M Ohm 0.25%

50M Ohm 0.25%

100M Ohm 0.25%

200M Ohm 0.25%

2.6 G Ohm 0.25%

16 G Ohm 5%

According to my plan all those resistance elements will be connected in series, and my resistor box will have several more measuring values due combination, and they are 11M, 50M, 100M, 200M, 400M, 3 G Ohm and 19 G Ohm.

According to handheld Insulation testers specifications’, these are their measuring ranges at specific test voltages:
50V:  3M to 55M
100V: 3M to 110M
250V: 3M to 275M
500V: 3M to 550M
1000V: 3M to 25.0 G Ohm

According to my plan, I am going to create a NEW High voltage resistors box, and by it help I will finish my review of BRYMEN BM878 Insulation Tester-Multimeter , and I will also share a detailed presentation of my box in this thread.

Project 2: Rebuild of my decade resistors box by me using latest VISHAY Foil resistors, these complying as secondary standards class (electrical metrology), this is upcoming project .   
8/2010 DIY decade resistors box with build in reference DC source.
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