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Author Topic: Bluetooth LM058 (LM Technologies) PC link for Keysight U1177A with U1273A  (Read 1225 times)

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My Project short description:
Long-range LM058 Bluetooth module this serving as (PC desktop computer) Link for Bluetooth wireless communication with Agilent/Keysight: Windows PC - Multimeter logger software.
Agilent/Keysight hardware:  U1177A (BT module for multimeter) and U1273A multimeter.

Several months back I did motivate LM Technologies marketing team, by one email, this saying to them that I am whiling to explore and discover of what LM Technologies products them can do in the market segment of wireless communication for measuring equipment and more specifically regarding oscilloscopes and multimeter.
a)   My first successful test this was by me pairing together two Long-range LM058 Bluetooth modules and this wireless Link to connect my Windows desktop PC and my GW Instek oscilloscope.
b)   My second successful test this was by me pairing together two Long-range LM058 and by doing so, I did convert BRYMEN USB data logging wired PC KIT in to wireless. Basically I did test in the same configuration LM048 & LM058 samples with identically good results.  BRYMEN Corporation equipment in this test was BRUA13X Windows PC Data logging KIT & BM189 clamp meter.

Now, my third personal Bluetooth connectivity exploration or challenge, this was me exploring of what these LM Technologies products can do, when them getting paired with Agilent/Keysight hardware & software.

My latest project details:
Bluetooth LM058 module this consisted by it wireless interface this bonded with RS232 interface and more specifically a 9 Pin regular serial port.
LM048 & LM058 both models them are Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, this translates that them they can create a single Link by another Bluetooth device (in the unit of time).
Newest technology this supporting Bluetooth 4.1 EDR, this is capable for multiple Bluetooth links, but there is a drawback.
Multiple Bluetooth link connections those requiring more time so them to be executed, the outcome this is a Bluetooth network which over all refresh time this is less important.
Therefore Bluetooth 2.1 EDR this translates to a fastest Single Link, all communication this is served at highest priority and by using all available bandwidth.

After me succeeding to set properly wireless modules communication (LM Technologies hardware with Keysight U1177A) and also in software level communication (LM Technologies hardware with Keysight PC software), then I was unbelievably happy with the results.
The Link was so fast responding that by me comparing this wireless communication by a USB wired one (U1173A or U1173B) I was unable to spot any difference.

To the one who will probably ask me, of why I would prefer such a Bluetooth to serial port module, instead of a much cheaper USB to Bluetooth dongle? 
My answer this is somewhat long but worth reading it.
My previews experiences with cheap USB to Bluetooth dongle, them made me realize that over all cost of ownership this is not just the price for the USB to Bluetooth dongle.
Usually cheap product solutions them came with slow performance, small wireless range (distance coverage), and regarding Bluetooth profiles that Windows operating system need so to use such a dongle, them was as a separate purchase.
Such a separate software purchase this it can cost you around 30$ or more.
LM Technologies this is a dedicated developer of Bluetooth and other modules for industrial use.
Examples of such applications, them are PC communication with machinery, CNC cutter or laser cuter and even for non industrial applications as for example wireless communication for restaurant pos systems.

Today I am able to confirm that LM Technologies they do not cut corners in any way.
Therefore their products they are about offering highest reliability and performance in the market.

Among the tests that ITTSB Blog conducted, one was about measuring the working Link distance of LM058 with U1173A in a free line of sight.
I did confirm this measurement in metric meters by using a dedicated ultrasonic distance measurer, and this was 22 meters long.
At about 23 meters U1173A (green LED Link status indicator this started blinking), indicating a broken Link.
LM058 this is smart enough and when a Link disruption event occurs this it does automatically trying with reconnect attempts at about every 2~3 seconds.
Another remarkable detail this is that when Link was broken, Keysight PC software this did not crash at logging, when Wireless Link become active again, the software it did kept working, by simply having recorded a dead period of time when the Wireless Link this was down.

In conclusion, I was having again the honor and joy so me to perform my testing (Wireless connectivity experiments) by using software and hardware solutions them offered by brands and sources of quality product solutions.
U1173A IR to Bluetooth Adapter specifications those mentioning a working distance of 10 meters long.
LM058 module this working with the smallest external antenna that is about 5.5 centimeters long, this combination helped about to double the working distance in meters.
Now as expected, one antenna with higher gain over this LM058, this is going to further increase working distance.
Additionally even if longer distance it is not required, a better antenna will always increase Link stability in case that the specific area this is loaded with electrical interference by other sources.
Some people are not aware that even a regular microwave oven, when this is working, it does wipe out any 2.4 GHz communications due the caused interference's, and this translates to Wifi and Bluetooth communications temporally disrupted in a room of 25 square meters.   

Today at my own box that I am storing my gained experiences, I will add also and this third successful Wireless connectivity project, among with another fresh experience, this is of what happening when U1173A this run out of power (alkaline batteries discharged).
One red LED this started blinking at me about 25 minutes before the Link goes down for good.
Regarding LM058 Bluetooth module, I am puzzled of why when this is connected with my ASUS motherboard serial port, this did not receive voltage due the 9 Pin Serial plug.
Because of that I had to use LM058 external power port, by using the supplied USB 5.0V cable this powering LM058 due any nearby USB port.

I wish to thanks LM Technologies for their offering in product samples and for their good cooperation with my Blog.
And I am also very glad that due my constant activities at ITTSB blog I am helping other consumers, them gaining further awareness of available product solutions in the market, and even fresh ideas about how to combine such latest technology for best results in every application.
WWW.ITTSB.EU   Industrial Test Tools Scoreboard  (Product Reviews Blog) / Editor in Chief.

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My afterthought this is pulling this project a bit further.  ;)

Therefore here I am presenting my NEW Long range Bluetooth Link LM058 with an LINSYS 7dBi.
Soon I am going to do new benchmarks ;)
WWW.ITTSB.EU   Industrial Test Tools Scoreboard  (Product Reviews Blog) / Editor in Chief.

Offline Kiriakos GR

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Long range Bluetooth Link benchmarks this is a new experience even for me.

Few months back I did a benchmark of FLUKE CNX 3000 DMM and FLUKE AC CNX voltage module both using ZigBee Wireless communication protocol.
FLUKE 3000 DMM this managed to maintain a link at a Max distance of 80 meters, and the testing was performed over the sidewalk in front of my workshop.

Therefore we do have here clear evidence of ZigBee Wireless superiority over regular Bluetooth, the second this managed to do about 30 meters because LM058 (LM Technologies) this using a non-printed antenna instead.
Most or all Bluetooth module with printed antenna over PCB they specified as 10 meters Link at best.

LM058 (LM Technologies) due it mini external Antenna made the difference at expanding communication range to 30 meters away.
By me replacing the small antenna with a true high Gain antenna, I did manage succeeding communication link that this is 100 meters long.

In my last benchmark I did not use a free line of sight as my sidewall, but I use instead a more challenging environment.
Imagine a tube of 2 meters diameter, and this to be all-around it full of concrete and trees.
Wave length at 2.4GHz this requiring a minimum of five metes in diameter (imaginary tube and free of obstacles zone) for best results at long range wireless links.
This detail applies to both paired Links and to their fully directional antennas.
In my benchmark all that I have was the printed antenna over the Keysight U1177A, and my LINKSYS 7dbI (circular polarization) antenna over LM058 (LM Technologies).

Speaking of conclusions, what I will record as note to my notebook, this is that Bluetooth Link this has good potentials as Long-range link, only when this gets combined at least by just one external antenna, while a perfect wireless link this will require two.
In portable 2.4 GHz antennas, LINKSYS 7 dBi this is the best that money can buy, but specific antenna this is no more in production.
LM058 default antenna this is has Gain Max of 1 ~ 2 dBi.

Therefore I can now safely assume that two of LM058 by both having 7 dBi antennas, they can succeed a minimum of 500 meters long link, when their antennas facing to its other (Example: They placed in front of a window indoors).
WWW.ITTSB.EU   Industrial Test Tools Scoreboard  (Product Reviews Blog) / Editor in Chief.



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