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Another journey came to the end and because of that several new journeys they are going to begin.  8) 

Kiriakos Triantafillou proudly presents his very own design of modern made Variac transformer for laboratory use.
Most to all parts used in this project they are all certified and branded, I am now officially an IEC fanboy ;D

While most of my work will look familiar to other professional electricians, I will simply clarify that for DC fan I just added a single diode and a small capacitor, DC output this is 7.5V and this helping the fan to operate silently.

Industrial switch this at zero position it does cut-off neutral and phase.
Position one: This is LINE transformer wiring, and translates to adjustment of Mains available voltage down to zero.
Position two:  This is Boost transformer wiring, and translates to boost of 230V up to 270 ACV.
According to specific variac transformer user manual, only LINE mode this warrantied  2.1KVA in complete adjustable range.
In Boost mode with consumption of 8A there is slight loss of boost voltage at about 4~5 volts.

In summary this is one indestructible work horse, combining best technology and parts over planet earth, and this having also an Made in Greece product design. 
Total weight 10 Kilos.  ;)
I'm sure your message is very good. Get a lot of benefits.
I think your idea is very good.
Here it is an interesting update  :)
Recently one customer of my liked my PSU that much and asked me if I can make one also for him.
I did accept the challenge and at that point I have all new parts needed for this project next to me.
And I thought to share few pictures of them.
Yes European Union activated ban of Ni-CD cells trading beginning of 2017.

According to EU legislation on waste batteries, Ni-CD cells for power tools are now a source of evil, and trading withing EU this is forbidden.

For thinkers like me, I am still wonder if they acted with wrong way of thinking?

According to EU Batteries Directive, EU set a limit of hazardous substances per battery cell chemistry.
By their opinion Ni-CD Pb this has hazardous substances beyond limits imposed by EU it self.
What they forgot to take in to account this is the life-cycle of Ni-CD dells compared to Lithium ones.

According my opinion Ni-CD this has triple life-cycle than regular Lithium Ion, and this translates that over time as for example in five years, quantity of battery cells needed to replace Ni-Cd this would be also triple in size. 
If we make a calculation of metric tons of cells imported in EU the numbers talking just by them self's.   

If European Union were thinking smart, they should ban all regular Lithium Ion, and impose the use of LifePo4 or LiNCM, such chemistry having a life cycle of 6 ~ 8 Years.


Directive 2013/56/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 November 2013

I am not intending to take a picture of its one wire that I am installing  ;D  but some details cannot be photographed with aluminum front plate in place.

Regarding cooling I made a choice for 12V DC fan even if I will have to add another one smaller transformer making a mini DC power supply.
Unfortunately most case fan 120mm at 220 ACV they are serious source of noise, and my goal this is gentle cooling and noiseless.

This is Variac specially designed for laboratory use, and therefore it is not following usual rules of universe.  ;)
This is a fact of life, that when you have real paint in your hand you do not need any more software assistance from Photoshop, about making things looks nicer in pictures which you take with your digital camera.    8)  8)  8)

Even the paint job were a huge success !!

Next step this is eight hours additional drying time, so the paint to become totally hardened.
Back plate this were prepared prior get painted speaking of required holes for parts installation.

First new parts assembled this taller high quality rubber feet.    ;) 
Today I got ready for next step,  this is new paint job for the case.  :)

I did visit most advanced shop specialized at auto paints in my area, and I requested them making for me a custom color identical to original of this box.
End result this is spay can including highest quality of paint (as material) and also this very specific color mixture.

The color specialist were supersized because original color this is beige including metal particles but even so this is matte color.

My planing this is restoring original color by a gentle fix over scratches and a fresh look.  ;)
Perfect job !
It looks like have been made by cnc machine!

For every step until final assembly, I did paid the price in advance ( money and patience regarding shipping time) so all necessary tools them to be here for this project.
CNC machine has several cutting heads as tools, some of them have 50 and some others 70 or more.

If our choices are characterized by precision, the outcome this will be always successful. 

Thanks giorgos  :)

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