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BRYMEN  this is know ODM manufacturer from Taiwan.
Also it is know that BRYMEN it does offer their models as re-branded in USA and North Europe. 

AMPROBE this is American branding, and it does distributes a few made by BRYMEN meters.
Even up to date, BRYMEN this keeps this information of calibration adjustment as hidden from customers eyes.

From the other hand Agilent / Keysight for the U1272A, they did release right away and soft-touch calibration adjustment documentation, right away after product release.

Today I become aware that there is AMPROBE product documentation this explaining soft-touch calibration adjustment for their meters.
Explained How-to this is relative also to BM869 and similar meters.

Personally I never get exited about soft-touch calibration adjustment documentation, because with out having next to you one true calibrator so you to follow all the steps of range by next range calibration,  your adjustment of few voltage range this always translate to imperfect calibration adjustment.

Additionally any adjustment by the use of cheap voltage standards this does not translate to an equivalent calibration adjustment performed by a serious lab this also taking full responsibility for quality of calibration adjustment.

If your meter has few counts out in one range, its best to leave it alone and to abstract the error from its measurement.
BE AWARE  That if do damage factory calibration and you need to return the meter for repair under warranty, this will never be accepted as free of charge.

Now that you are aware OF ALL DETAILS you may have a look at the attached PDF.
Today I did become aware from Technical Products Manager of FLUKE (for Middle East & Africa ) that there is a fix available for Fluke meter 233.

Practically this power drain issue (consumption) of remote display this is further improved by a firmware fix.
The fix can be performed exclusively at regional Fluke service center (complete meter should be send).

Therefore any owners of 233 DMM they should contact FLUKE at their region for specific details.
ITTSB Blog today proudly presents links of two finished projects   

Presentation of renewed  seven dials High Precision Decade resistors Box.

AND .. of an second (Top secret) project  8)  also original Hellenic product design and a true test-bed for high-precision meters  ;)

Ultra-High Precision resistors Box with Hermetically Sealed
       Bulk Metal - Vishay Foil Resistors  & HIOKI RM3542A product review
ITTSB Blog today proudly presents links of two finished projects   

Presentation of renewed  seven dials High Precision Decade resistors Box.

AND .. of an second (Top secret) project  8)  also original Hellenic product design and a true test-bed for high-precision meters  ;)

Ultra-High Precision resistors Box with Hermetically Sealed
       Bulk Metal - Vishay Foil Resistors  & HIOKI RM3542A product review
Hundreds sellers at eBay of Binding Post banana, and latest fashion this is gold plated ones.

I just discover the link of the Chinese factory this is supplier of most Binding Post banana (2017).
This has the branding  Huada Sound.

This is rather interesting, even after a month time, new management group at GW Instek, they stay silent behind the walls of their castle.

This is a great example of how GW Instek behaves when you actually cough them with their pants down.  :P
Kelvin clips this is necessary for low resistance measurements.
Most popular application for Kelvin clips this is battery analyzers, them able to measure from few milliohm up to few ohms.

This year one maker in Taiwan he came by this product design ( picture bellow).
I am posting this information purely for people like me, that we love to stay informed of new product ideas and of latest engineering.   ;)
Specific Kelvin Clips cable this is designed to operate with handheld analyzer.
Possibly and because cable length this is longer than 40 Centimeter, product designers add to it an extra (guard/earth) cable.

Very recently I become aware that at Kelvin Clips harness with shielding, their guard/earth point this is not an actual Earth ground connection.
There is no actual connection of guard/earth point this be over the equipment  with true Earth ground at metallic chassis.
Therefore such a guard/earth point at Kelvin clips harness, this serves in cooperation with inner product shields them be at the measuring circuit.
Practically all inputs of four Kelvin wires they are isolated from its other and all of them also isolated from Earth ground.
First Ever: Line splitter accessory (for clamp meter) designed for EU, this become available from a Polish firm three years ago.
Product design was simple, regular Line splitter plastic body and two Schuko plugs (male & female) at its side.

This September 2017, something new shown by an Italian firm, their offering this is a larger in length product, design in mind, this is at making it more multi-functional.

While new product design this is electrically correct, and among new additions there is safer banana plugs them helping in voltage measurements, the length of the accessory this is now longer, and practically this does not aloud connectivity to mains with out using Schuko plugs and extension cables at its side.

The concept of Line splitter this be a hanger for clamp meter it self, this is sacrificed according to this new Italian product design.

Currently it is unknown any pricing information about this product.
Acceptance of this product by the market, this is also unknown yet.

At my own DE-10ALS AC Line Splitter I did succeed by the use of Mains plugs adapters and one side this is able to connect directly to Schuko or regular (Low wattage) wall Mains plugs.
My own work around it did work, all parts in use they are in compliance with electrical standards.

Speaking of compliance to electrical standards, this is something which it does add cost at the firm whom acts as distributor of a new product.
Additional bourbon it is transferred in the end at retail product price. 

Either way in case that balance of wisely priced product this is lost, then alternative solutions available in the market them will take it place.
EETT: Ενημέρωση των καταναλωτών για τα τέλη εκτελωνισμού ταχυδρομικών αντικειμένων προέλευσης εξωτερικού από χώρες εκτός ΕΕ

27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

In past months I did watched videos made by kids them taking apart their Cheap current clamp transducer.

Unfortunately and always such videos they are by 95% useless, by judging comments made by the one whom take this footage.
One person at that age his is unable to see the big picture due lack of basic knowledge. 
But even older kids fall at identical mistakes, because they never got a quality made current clamp transducer in their hands.

Generally speaking any current clamp transducer this is an antenna, this designed to measure electric field at the section of the jaws.
An truly well build current clamp transducer will do just that, and good shielding of electronics this will prevent other electromagnetic fields from be picked up.

Quality of plastic that such current clamp transducer is made, this is important too, cheap plastic acts as guitar speaker, vibrations alone they do create false readings, and quit often inner cheap pots they get out of calibration.

One well build current clamp transducer, this will have ten-turn pots.
Plastic body this would be made by material which it does not magnify vibrations but rather minimize them from them be sensed from it inner electronics circuit.
Electronics shielding this is also of great importance this eliminating as much as possible pick up of electromagnetic radiation caused of nearby sources.

Even at current clamp transducer (for Oscilloscope ) the devil this hides in the details.
Cheap current clamp transducer this can not be trusted at all.

Regular priced current clamp transducers they are better but not perfect, even so actual measurement this by a higher percentage it would be more accurate and error free most of times.
If you care to be in full awareness of electromagnetic radiation in your environment,  then you should use a spectrum analyzer first, prior powering on your current clamp transducer. 

Personally I did have my chance to see the unseen few weeks time after my Oscilloscope purchase.  ;) (May 30, 2013)

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