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Press release:
Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the AC Clamp Power Meter CM3286 and CM3286-01, the latter of which includes Bluetooth® wireless communications functionality. In addition to the ability to measure current, voltage, power, and other parameters ......  more https://www.hioki.com/en/information/detail/?id=387

ITTSB comments:
I did dive in to products specifications and it seems clearly that CM3286-01 this is a product which is going to impress the most, as soon this is released later on ( Fall of 2017).

In to the past two years one Taiwanese made clamp meter (power meter) this circulates in the market, but pricing this is extremely high.
I have sensed that behind this solution it is APPA in Taiwan, but several versions of this product always circulated as OEM only (under other brands).
Clamp meter & power meter this is a interesting product, but accuracy and fast sampling speed this is what makes measuring data to have some real value, speaking of power analysis.
Today there is several ways to record power consumption starting from 12$, but such measurements are doubtful, not true RMS, tremendously slow sampling, power calculation requiring 10 seconds to stabilize,  in summary these are toys for hobby use (light bulbs and coffee machines).

Power analysis speaking of harmonics analysis and power factor this is a challenge even for full size power analyzers.
HIOKI planing this is that CM3286-01 by the use of mobile phone App that harmonics analysis this will be reviewed by a phone or tabled.

For now I am going to assume that HIOKI product developers did a better job speaking of sampling speed in comparison with the made in Taiwan competitor.
Power measurement staring from 5W this is also an advantage. 
Speaking of HIOKI power analysis suite for CM3286-01, I am also going to assume that this would be something simple for basic comparisons.
HIOKI is know having in their arsenal real power analyzers whom aren't cheap.

AC Clamp Power Meter CM3286 Series this is something that HIOKI did not have to offer as economical power meter tool in the past, and therefore this is another addition at HIOKI products portfolio, this product did not came to replace a full featured power analyzer.

From the other hand, if HIOKI choice this is pricing to be reasonable, then this product it would gain preference of professional electricians and also of consumers interested in power consumption measurements.

Our first impression from specifications and aesthetics this is positive.   

Here is a rare visual opportunity  ;)

This is a picture of PINTEK carry box (hard storage case) for differential probes, this is offered with most expensive probes of their range.
Reason posting this picture this is as assistance to the ones seeking ideas for differential probes storage solutions.
I DO NOT BELIE THIS  !!!!    Second attempt to buy from another seller and I got ever worst in quality plugs ....

This time issues :
1) The factory forgot to drill a hole for the cable

2) Plugs arrived with plastics assembled...  Half destroyed from production line or by the seller whom though to make savings at plastic bags per single plug.     
Such safety plugs must be only once assembled by the end customer.

3) Quality control issues also at a few metal pin isolation ( I got 10 plugs) .

4) Quality of plastic it self ?  Worst quality of plain nylon probably from the recycled one, the one which decomposes by it self after several months.

5) One metal pin was deformed at the back, creating one larger ring than the hole at the plastic plug, I was had to use grinding wheel to remove excess metal so external diameter this to return at proper pin specifications.   

 I am gain after this new seller, and I hope that he will accept that he were fooled by a dishonest supplier.
Generally speaking I lost all ready two months by all those attempts about  acquiring 10 plugs, and I have nothing worth using in my hands yet.

I did receive response from Siglent.    :)

They accepted my feedback and they are going to remove or update this application note.

Hi Peter,

Lets clarify few things.

1) U1177A this includes security code for connection to Android devices

2) I do not have any problem connecting  U1177A with my Samsung Galaxy SM-G900F ( as soon security code entered at New Bluetooth device registration panel).
You should do this once.

3) I have also manage to connect  U1177A with Keysight software due Bluetooth to Serial port module ( LM technologies ) pairing of modules this is made manually due LM Technologies configuration software,  as soon pairing this is completed ( security code and all) , then those two modules they are connecting automatically as soon they are both powered on.
This type of connection of two very specific modules this is like a marriage, I have three U1177A but only the paired one will work with the specific ( LM technologies ) Bluetooth to serial adapter.
This is Bluetooth 2.1, this does not support multiple BT connections. 

In summary...  with out a proper stack this offering BT code pairing, any basic AT command set, will not help much for establishing communication.
I am no programmer , I do not know to write script for AT command set.

I hope my explanations to helped a bit your query.
Another false German company with Chinize owners behind
Hi...i am a new user here. I have one query with me here. Has ypu been able to upgrade their firmware using the bluetooth adapter? I can get the logging s/w working on both the PC and my phone, and can connect to the bluetooth adapter via putty, set commands, etc. But I can't get the actual firmware s/w to load. It just doesn't seem to communicate.
I've tried just about every combination of baud rate in the meter, bluetooth adapter, and the win7 comm port configuration. The "connection" light stays solid for about a second when I try to connect, then goes back to blinking. The upgrade s/w never reports finding the device. It acts like it's connecting, them disconnecting due to a data exchange problem. Strange that the logging s/w is fine.
I tried resetting both the meter and the bluetooth adapter, and only ran the ATL2 command to adjust the speed (which seems to work according to ATI1). New batteries, etc. adapter in both setup and on mode.
My apologies to European Crew of Siglent but text following this Application Note does much with demonstrated images.


When some one requires him be taken seriously, him first must be prepared in hardware and software level prior him open up in the market.
Specific Application Note at first Testing and Analysis example they mentioning Power factor & Efficiency measurements, delivered by their oscilloscope, and they also advice their readers to look closely at oscilloscope screen so them to see results of power analysis.

If some one manage to see anything else than two active channels in their screenshot them you have special eyes.

Now I am going to use this opportunity so to say few serious words to any one seeking for power analysis by the use of Oscilloscopes.
There is currently three brands whom have develop power analysis applications for their Oscilloscopes and Siglent is not one of them.

Technically power analysis by using an Oscilloscope this is possible, but measuring accuracy of  2% or 4%  in most electrical parameters (due limitations of Oscilloscope inputs electronic design),  such measuring results are not as tight as  0.5%  which is the limit set by IEC commission, so the measurement to considered as good enough for taken as fact so this to be used for verification of compliance with European and even American standards.

Power factor,  Harmonics, THD %,  Stand by power,  regular power use,  Power: Min / Max,  etc, all those parameters are important for a new product classification regarding electrical compliance.

From the other hand all brands Oscilloscope makers, they invented one new marketing window, and by this they accept the fact that their equipment are not good enough for products compliance testing,  and they use the description: Pre-compliance testing.

Pre-compliance testing. translates to:  You get an idea of how close you are in your target.

Now the one millions dollars question this is just one:
Why to spend a pile of money for Pre-compliance testing. equipment and software instead getting the real thing an PQ analyzer?

Personally I am following from a distance, this degree of hardware development of PQ analyzers,  in latest years I am expecting waveform update rate this to further improve (wfms/S) if it does so, then PQ analyzers them will replace in some occasions the need for Oscilloscopes, and when this starts happening, PQ analyzer this will get larger acceptance as (all in one)  tool  this now capable even as troubleshooting tool (optical waveform review in real time).

My advice to SIGLENT Technologies, this is their engineers whom write such Application Note, they better start to add their names too.
There is no such a thing as anonymous Application Note in the world of test and measurement society, worldwide.
Nor we can take them seriously ( Professionally working people in electrical and electronics applications) as we do lacking of necessary degree of humor.
 ;D ;D ;D ;D

Ladies and Gentlemen, and young Kids, and old Kids,

We proudly present the best way so you to waste 5$ or Euro (at least) and get thin Air instead.

Now if you are heavily unlucky there is a chance one capacitor this to go bad and LED light this will stop working.
This translates that in total darkness you will possibly get lost in a dark room, if this gadget serves you as night light.

Seriously now, a few knowledgeable and vast majority of Non-knowledgeable they have an opinion if this thing works.

As professional electrician my analysis will be simple and understandable by every one.
This thing it is actually two things in to a single package.
Major component this is large black box (capacitor) this supposedly helping large motors of 15.000W up to 25.000 W them to reduce power consumption, by added correction in energy usage.

In your home you do not have such motors,  and only motor this coming close to those requirements this is Air-condition units, but in them the factory which made them has predict their behavior (product design by electrician ENGINEER) and they have add such capacitors inside of  all Large Air-condition units (25.000 btu + ).
Latest technology named INVERTER this further improved power usage, and true Green devices now using real intelligent (electronics) which they control use of energy.
Soft start of motor this reduces wasted energy just by it self, no to speak of smart monitoring of any aspect and even the temperature of the motor it self.

The second part of our magic box, this is two or one LED lights, a simple power on indicator (night lights) and this is all about it.

Now one single capacitor at 4.5uF this cost 0.5$ or Euro in every electronics components store.

The ones manufacturing such power savers they are not idiots, they aim our wallets, and all that they care is having a product in the market and make money from it.

Does this thing save us money in any way?
No because in Europe and in every known country over planet earth, household power meters (especially analog ones) are unable to calculate or record power disturbances’ caused by motors.
Larger motor in household this is your hair dryer at 2000W which this is tiny in magnitude and this working only for five minutes continuously.

How much money this gadget will save in long term (a year time)?
Answer: Start reading this topic from the beginning, as many times it is needed until your question this finds it answer, which it is here.
Hello Giorgos. 
Thank you for best wishes for eastern !!

Feel free starting another topic for cars if you wish,  so car drivers to express their love too over the internet.  ;)
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