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Author Topic: Electricity saving box got a second life due one Western-Germany capacitor  (Read 352 times)

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 ;D ;D ;D ;D

Ladies and Gentlemen, and young Kids, and old Kids,

We proudly present the best way so you to waste 5$ or Euro (at least) and get thin Air instead.

Now if you are heavily unlucky there is a chance one capacitor this to go bad and LED light this will stop working.
This translates that in total darkness you will possibly get lost in a dark room, if this gadget serves you as night light.

Seriously now, a few knowledgeable and vast majority of Non-knowledgeable they have an opinion if this thing works.

As professional electrician my analysis will be simple and understandable by every one.
This thing it is actually two things in to a single package.
Major component this is large black box (capacitor) this supposedly helping large motors of 15.000W up to 25.000 W them to reduce power consumption, by added correction in energy usage.

In your home you do not have such motors,  and only motor this coming close to those requirements this is Air-condition units, but in them the factory which made them has predict their behavior (product design by electrician ENGINEER) and they have add such capacitors inside of  all Large Air-condition units (25.000 btu + ).
Latest technology named INVERTER this further improved power usage, and true Green devices now using real intelligent (electronics) which they control use of energy.
Soft start of motor this reduces wasted energy just by it self, no to speak of smart monitoring of any aspect and even the temperature of the motor it self.

The second part of our magic box, this is two or one LED lights, a simple power on indicator (night lights) and this is all about it.

Now one single capacitor at 4.5uF this cost 0.5$ or Euro in every electronics components store.

The ones manufacturing such power savers they are not idiots, they aim our wallets, and all that they care is having a product in the market and make money from it.

Does this thing save us money in any way?
No because in Europe and in every known country over planet earth, household power meters (especially analog ones) are unable to calculate or record power disturbances’ caused by motors.
Larger motor in household this is your hair dryer at 2000W which this is tiny in magnitude and this working only for five minutes continuously.

How much money this gadget will save in long term (a year time)?
Answer: Start reading this topic from the beginning, as many times it is needed until your question this finds it answer, which it is here.
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