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Author Topic: Firmware update for U1271A & U1272A Agilent DMM - Rev 2.04 7/2013  (Read 2170 times)

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Firmware revision updates:

July 5 2013
Version 2.04 fixed an issue present in the previous release.
The Filter setup menu item was amended to include 3 options: DC, DCAC and OFF. The factory default option is set to DC to enable Filter during DC measurement.
The Filter function attenuates AC signals to help you read the correct DC measurement from a mixed signal.

June 7, 2011
Version 2.00 fixed a major bug, a few minor bugs and included several enhancements.

-   Fix incorrect reading on the display after the rotary switch is rapidly/repeatedly turned on/off.
-   Fix wrong values display during frequency <20Hz measurement in LPF mode
-   Fixing Auto Hold function is not disabled when single press AutoHold button in Auto Hold mode.
-   Fixing bug in secondary display as it does not change while pressing Dual in Auto Hold mode.
-   Enhanced continuity flash alert response time to be as fast as the beep alarm.
-   Enhanced firmware to show OL sign after changing to higher range in MaxMin mode (ACDC mA function).
-   Enhanced firmware to show OL when overloaded in Manual Range with Auto Hold is enabled.
-   Enhanced firmware to show the - sign in ACV for ZLow function while pressing Trig Hold/Auto Hold button.
-   Enhanced the consistency in Temperature unit F-C or C-F display.  It should show F only or C only in both 1st and 2nd display.

Version 1.30
-    Initial release


How to inspect your firmware version ?
Press Null/Scale button and power up the meter, release the button after 2 seconds.

Caution:  set the DMM to 9600 Baud-rate or the software will not detect it

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