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Title: CCTV power supply troubleshooting Guide ITTSB 2021
Post by: Kiriakos GR on February 07, 2021, 11:13:52 AM
Within January 2021 I did faced an incident in which at CCTV system, the power supply for the camera this shown as healthy when actually this was not.
The CCTV camera did stop delivering picture, and my own voltage measurement at the power supply of 12.5V this shown in the end as misleading.

Interesting enough, the NEW replacement of CCTV camera it did succeed operating at Day mode and failed at IR Night mode.
This was the final indication that the OLD power supply this it should be also replaced.

The lesson from this adventure this is that at CCTV power plug, delivered power at Camera side, this should never be measured with out DC current LOAD.

Best advice ... GET TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY.
Get knowledge of actual CCTV camera consumption that you are dealing with, at both modes as Daytime and Night mode.