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Title: What is APCFiX software for? (APC UPS hardware Diagnostic)
Post by: Kiriakos GR on November 18, 2021, 07:12:50 PM
Text by the software author
What is APCFiX software for?
The program was written to diagnose the APC UPS.
The goals pursued by the author are to speed up the calibration process and to visualize the status of the UPS during diagnostics.
* The program posted on this site works in monitoring mode. For a fully functional version, contact the author

Mr. Alexei the author, he is a very smart man along a kind one, as human and technician.
He has a business in Belarus, UPS repairs mainly.
He wrote APCFiX software this working at RS232 Com-port.
The software as is, an FREE Version, this is excellent as diagnostic and or as status viewer of the hidden messages that a severe damaged UPS deliver as self-diagnosis = cause of failure.
Other than that it is a live monitor of entire UPS activity, all electrical measurements and UPS status this is reported instantly and getting updated instantly

Mr. Alexei the author, it does offer a FREE of charge fix, for specific older generation of APC UPS which this has some times issues to re calibrate new installed batteries.

Other than that, the full version of this software, this is to serve professionally working people at UPS repairs, along any one willing to buy the software directly from the author.
Full version of APCFiX this is not available due web-shop, direct communication required, and the author he does speak English.
Hobbyist and youth both toying with APC UPS, they will not have much to gain from the freeware version of APCFiX software.
The software worth more, if you wish to use it as comparison point between healthy UPS units and their firmware or settings.
In order this miracle to happen, you need to collect several APCFiX screenshots by your self.
Working features:
a) Activate UPS self test.
b) Activate beeper and all front panel LED for 2 seconds ( LED functional test).
c) Battery status FIX (only if you really need it), my UPS this is working great, I did not activated this FIX.

Mr. Alexei the author, he helped me too, the CPU of my SUA1000XL were killed due a bad weather accident, and he donated to me one identical CPU free of charge.
Therefore as good friends and an returned favor, I will add few screenshots of APCFiX from random APC UPS.

Note: Since 2014 and later, APC changed Com-Port Protocol to Modbus, and such a change it did break compatibility of APCFiX with recent APC models SMT, SMC, SMX, SRT .......
In other words, if your UPS this came with regular DB9 connector, then you have good chances to take advantage of what APCFiX can do.

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