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Title: Fluke CNX PC3000 / SW3000 software update available for download
Post by: Kiriakos GR on August 26, 2013, 10:40:25 PM
If you have recently acquired an Fluke CNX3000 industrial system with the PC USB stick wireless module, your software version on CD it is very likely to be the

At the Fluke website there is a more recent one (11 February 2013) (

a) Software start up is instant ( old version = 6 seconds delay)
b) Graph section bug fixed,  the graph range up or down correctly when the multimeter auto range too.

Tip : Pairing the multimeter with the PC module needs the Multimeter to be set as Slave unit.
By Default works as master unit,  in order to activate the slave mode you need to press the Radio Icon and after to power up the meter.  
By doing so you will see on the LCD the word MOD, the DMM is ready to be detected and transfer data which you are able to see in the software and record as graph in a time window of 42 seconds which constantly updates.
It does not makes sense to me why Fluke did that in their software and it is unable to record a complete data log session from start to finish? 
Why some one to care to save a picture of a 42 seconds in duration as graph ?

Probably it is best to visit the Fluke page from time to time so to discover and other updates by checking the More info section of the product page. (