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Author Topic: Best multimeter for DPST Rocker Switch contacts resistance?  (Read 2187 times)

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Recently I did purchase quantity of DPST Rocker Switch (with neon light).
Manufacturer web-page informs of initial contacts resistance 50 milliohm Max.

Generally speaking there is no handheld multimeter with necessary measuring range and four wires measurement capability.

I did my first evaluation at my new quantity of Rocker Switch by using the workhorse named as HIOKI RM3542A.
My findings they are very interesting, all three switches they did come close to 8 milliohm at both contacts (pairs) as soon I did repeat about 15 times the On-off process.
Worst milliohm resistance was measured at 38 milliohm and after these 15 work cycles all products they improved their conductivity down to 8 milliohm.

Pricing and dimensions or RM3542A they are both a problem and alternative solution much friendlier this is no other than Brymen BM878.
Brymen BM878 this comes also with a special function named as Earth continuity Test.
Resistance range this is up to 2 Ohm, 1 Ohm measurement this includes five digits resolution and 10 milliohm measurement this is possible.
With proper zero-out at Brymen BM878, the measurement this is very close to RM3542A.  ;)
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