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Author Topic: Fluke 8846A / DMM 4050 - Memory Stick for long term data logging  (Read 724 times)

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This is a sort in length recorded history about FLUKE Memory Stick for 8846 DMM ( USB plug at the front panel).

FLUKE this is not any USB stick manufacturer, but by having their own stick with their logo printed on,  it does help as advertising.  :)

FLUKE USB stick this now counting of three revisions.

1) Fluke 1GB Memory Stick for 884X Series meters
2) Fluke (unknown capacity) GB Memory Stick with LED activity indicator at the back
3) (Latest one, year of 2021)  Fluke 4GB Memory Stick for 884X Series meters

What we keep as plain information from all that, this the 4GB as max limit, for any Memory Stick within the compatibility limit.

In theory both 8846A / DMM 4050, they can log by the use of USB stick for several days.
What FLUKE avoids to do, this is informing their customers about few more details.

Only Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Office) 64Bit installation, this is able to do the job and deal with enormous number of recorded cells at the spreadsheet (worksheet).
2GB of file this is also an issue for (Microsoft Office) 32Bit  (operating system limitation).

I am now assuming that the selection of 1GB Memory Stick (by your choice) this is the wiser one, speaking of compatibility in favor of 32Bit operating system.
Additionally it makes sense of you to use any USB stick at 1GB up to 4GB this also including LED activity indicator at the back.
The visual indication that USB stick recording this has started ... this is a major plus.

If your training at handling Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, this is below basic? (as is my own), then you better avoid data logging to internal memory or External USB stick.

SanDisc Cruzer USB stick with LED activity indicator at the back, this is well known alternative solution, if Fluke pricing appears as salt in your location. 

Formatting of much larger in capacity USB stick down to 1~4GB FAT32, this is another one option, in favor or compatibility. 

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