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Title: Panel mount switch technical parameters ( AC-23 AC-22 AC-3) IEC 60947-3
Post by: Kiriakos GR on March 01, 2017, 03:19:34 PM
Life of Electricians this is tremendously hard especially of the ones speaking English by not be Americans or English in origin.

IEC 60947-3 this standard gives definitions of current limits that one electrical switch can handle according to the type of load. 

I got from China one panel type switch LW28-20 (cam switch) and while I did made a correct choice about this be suitable for my application, I started having difficulties to identify in full all it technical parameters listed as: 

IEC baptized all such specifications by the tittle : electrical engineering utilization categories
It took me 30 minutes at trying to find of what I was looking because IEC description it is a weird selection of words.

Now I am very happy to know that my LW28-20/3 ( GB14048.5) this is 7.5KW  15A  AC-23 = inductive loads

From the other hand I am going to ignore original product schematic when advice's me to have SEX  with the actuator.  ;D
No one is perfect  8) (

Utilization categories (