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Author Topic: Build like a tank JC4-1512C EMI filter 15A (Made in Taiwan)  (Read 211 times)

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Today I got as gift one ups MGE ( Pulsar Esv 22+), only the metal case of ups controller,  so to reused it in another project of my.

By removing all ups back plate items ( IEC plugs) and other bits, my eyes caught a huge EMI Filter, this build like a tank, this be quite large in dimensions.
Metal case and shielding brings memories from military RF equipment's.
Generally speaking this item it has truly impressive appearance and construction.
For a minute I had the impression that this Taiwanese manufacturer just wanted to impress MGE and EATON brands.
But by inspecting product specifications’ and  specific EMI frequencies’ Filtering, now it is obvious that such a monster EMI filter was build to order.
This filter does incredible suppression at RF range of 1~30 MHz, now according ups age, this filter it is made at about 2003 ~ 2005, and range of 1~30 MHz this was SSB communications of fighting Navy in several countries including U.S.A. and Greece. 
Therefore this special touch up as EMI filter was deliberately made for ups sold to the army. ;)

Now enjoy the pictures of this interesting and high quality engineering from Taiwan.
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