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Author Topic: Hands-free Bluetooth 4.0 Sun glasses - Field technicians communication gadget  (Read 252 times)

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Many times when field technicians they work outdoor and they perform troubleshooting of power lines or of telephone lines they are forced staying in communication with their own team partner whom is several tenths of meters away.
Another example this is regular light bulbs exchange of factory surrounding light poles, even then after a light bulb exchange an confirmation test this it should be performed and power switch this is always far in to a control room.

I did recently discover existence of Bluetooth 4.0 Sun glasses, this gadget is capable for Talk time / Stereo music & Sun glasses ( all in one).
Build quality this is for indoor home use, outdoor use this is mostly for people whom driving a car or alternatively this is great solution also for sports under good weather (bicycle riders).
Pricing this is about or less than 9$ US.

My original thoughts were of me to be able to listen music and GPS navigation instructions when I am under two wheels.
For example:
a) At my motorcycle with my safety helmet on
b) At my electric bicycle when I care for relaxing riding or shopping
c) GPS this is tremendously useful for freelancers, when you need to locate a new customer.

Originally I was not planning to make such a topic (advertising in favor of this gadget ), but after testing it with stereo music (headphones) so to evaluate battery life this delivered  six hours and forty minutes run-time, which I consider as impressive for it size.
After these six hours and forty minutes, I got four vocal warnings of .. Battery Low.. within one minute of time, and then I got a last vocal message this saying .. Power Off ..  :)
Now I am monitoring a full charge cycle,  charging current started by a value of 450mA and soon it stabilized at 300mA at 5V.
After first hour over the charger, current this is now at about 65mA, and a full charge this required one hour and forty minutes.

My personal thoughts about this gadget are that I do approve this design of open headphones for max safety over the road, in comparison with earphones them completely isolating you from environmental noises but and from warning sounds which you are obligated to take under consideration for your own safety.

My suggestion of using such a gadget at a working environment, this is based on my personal experiences, when I worked in a factory this be very large regarding open spaces.
In this factory production facilities where seven and 100m apart from its other.
Therefore its one of you (reader), his should form his own decision, if such a gadget it is a productive solution for his own working environment. 
Especially for electricians, wired hands-free this neither a best solution, and neither a tiny Bluetooth earpiece this can be considered as a great solution.
Therefore this new idea of stereo Bluetooth hands-free unified with sun glasses, this it might be a solution for some people.   

Gadget specifics: 
Automatic easy pairing with Samsung smartphone.
Bluetooth Stereo Headphones:  Run time 6:40 min
Full charge 1:40 min
Bluetooth range: Open space 20~30 Meters max distance.
Named Bluetooth range: 10M
Impressive sound quality as headphones.
Sound volume as headphones this is sufficient when surrounding noises this is medium-low (generated traffic from other vehicles in the city).
Sun glasses lens :  Night driving type this is quit good (acceptable quality) but not scratch resistant.
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Offline Kiriakos GR

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Partial tear-down  ;) :  battery compartment.
Supposedly this cell must be 200mAh.
Specific Lithium cell has no identification marks.
But I manage to find basic specifications due my actual dimension measurements
Now I am aware that specific Lithium has capacity of 220mAh

Composition: Lithium polymer

Rated Capacity   220mAh
Operating Voltage   3.7V
Charging voltage limit   4.20+0.03-0.02V
Discharge voltage   3.0V

Model: 051240  or 501240
size:H=5mm W=12mm L=40mm

voltage: 3.7 V
capacity: 220mAh, 1C discharge
Charging current: standard charging, fast charging: 1.0C: 0.5C
Standard charging method: 0.5C CC (constant current) charge to 4.25V, then CV (constant voltage 4.2V) charge till charge current is less than or equal to 0.05C
The maximum charge current: 1C
Maximum discharge current: 1C
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.75V
The discharge temperature: -20 degrees C~+60 degrees C
Charging time: 2-4hrs (standard); 2hrs (fast)
Cycle time: 800 times
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