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Author Topic: DEREE DE-5000 & DE208A communication mode activation - data logging  (Read 2205 times)

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This topic it is added as help to any one looking information's about DEREE  DE-5000 & DE208A communication mode activation.

1) DE-208A multimeter comes with well made data-logging software, as soon software this is installed and USB cable this is connected, there is a third step for the activation of DE208A infrared port.
The User should :   Press and hold the RANGE button for 2 seconds to enter the communication mode. 

As soon DE208A Link mode this activates one new visual indication USB (icon) this is shown at right down corner over the multimeter display. 
(With USB link activated you can now deactivate it also by Press and hold the RANGE button for 2 seconds)
DE208A it is cleverly designed so when USB (icon) this is shown at right down corner then Auto OFF  it is automatically disabled. 
DE208A product Review

2) At DE-5000 LCR and almost at the center of selection buttons, there is one dedicated and named as PC , by a single Press this activates or deactivates and PC icon this is shown next to battery level icon .
Beware that APO Auto power off mode, this can not disabled by a user setting, APO gets disabled only when DE-5000 this is connected to wall adaptor power supply .
Therefore sum or requirements are:  a) USB connectivity (software & hardware) +   b) One wall adaptor power supply.   ;)
DE-5000 LCR product Review

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