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Author Topic: Multimeter firmware update failed / How to avoid this trouble.  (Read 5768 times)

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I hope your good luck to bring you in this topic prior having your multimeter or test and measurement equipment, in a non responsive condition due a failed firmware update.
That is usually performed by serial data cable that could be serial connection to infrared device module, or USB to serial data converter which connects back to infrared device module.
Both connection types are referred as PC cable connectivity for multimeter.

What most people are not aware is the risk level when performing one such a firmware update by them selves.

Common sense advices us the desktop computer to be powered by uninterruptible power, therefore it should be connected with one uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which is really in good condition so to handle the load for more than 20 minutes. 
Desktop computers with hardware and settings which driving them to operate in over-clocked condition they should be totally avoided too.

What warranties one successful firmware update is the actual stability of the computer it self, and there is two main parameters that we need to avoid.
Power loss is the first and data loss is the second.
Any unstable communication when data are transferred from the computer to multimeter, it can cause a premature stop of this sensitive updating process which will cause our device to become bricked / non-responding after power up.

Laptop computers is a much safer bet for performing firmware updates, but again the laptop it must be also in top shape regarding battery charge and over all condition.
For example if your misused laptop is shutting down when receiving a semi strong bump, because battery connection is not in good shape or for any other mechanical issue, as for example DC power plug damage, or USB port plug that is heavily misused, in this case this laptop it should be also avoided.

With a healthy laptop at hand, there are also settings that we need to perform at the operating system up front.
1) To disable the screen saver.
2) To disable any power saving setting.
3) To perform one complete reboot so the operating system to be 100% fresh booted.
4) Antivirus software should be deactivated temporally, usually there is an option in the software it self. 

5) All unneeded application should be disabled from windows start up.
Basically it is wiser to create one New windows user profile which does not load anything in the start-up than windows default drivers and settings.

6) By following all steps above we create one software environment which is safe to serve exclusively the software updater utility that we downloaded from the manufacturer website.

All those suggestions must be followed too when we need to perform data logging.
Serial data transfer and serial port hardware operates as one chain, when instability occurs the software is hanging and there are 95% chances for the computer system lock up (Blue screen).

If you are not aware of how to control all the above parameters, or how to inspect the stability of your own computer, then it is best to avoid performing this job just by your selves.
And it is advised to send the meter to the nearest authorized sales person for the brand of your multimeter, so this task to be performed by experienced hands.

If you are reading this text by having your meter damaged due the failed update, you better contact the manufacturer and seek direct help.
In our days most or all manufactures, have change their customers support policy and their reply in such incidents is: no Per Incident repairs available.

Honestly I can not blame them, what got wrong it is not their responsibility, especially when most of their customers and even their own people in service centers they do perform daily such a task with out any problems.

Recently I came over a story in which the one, who acted irresponsibly and bricked his meter, started accusing the multimeter as bad apple.
In summary if you are acting as an asshole against highly reputable manufactures, you do not deserve their favor or the sympathy from anyone who is classified as reasonable person.
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