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Title: Keysight Handheld Meter Logger - Know bug list since 2015 up to 2021
Post by: Kiriakos GR on October 05, 2021, 08:53:33 AM
Keysight Handheld Meter Logger this is a piece of software which gained my positive vote as user interface since 2012.
Unfortunately for us the consumers, the switching of brand name (spin of) from Agilent to Keysight this had a cost.
The team of people them supporting software and marketing of orange series of DMM and tools, this were dismantled.

Handheld Meter Logger this is now a dead project in the eyes of Keysight.
Now at 2021 its a good time so the bug list to be summarized.

1) Most annoying issue this is scientific values in use at graphic users interface at vertical axis. 
There is no prediction from the end of software developers, the current scientific notation ( power of 10 exponent) to be able to change at regular numbers.

2)  When data-log session this is longer than 60 minutes, in most cases will appear within the logged values, one incident of zero value to be recorded too.
Lets assume that you are measuring voltage at battery discharge session, and a nice graph of discharge curve this starts to buildup overtime, due software glitch an voltage spike of zero volts this gets recorded too.
As soon this glitch appears, anything recorded as Min / Max statistics this getting destroyed.

3) At Windows operation systems Win 7 or higher ( if you own a wide screen) and if you do try to increase percentage of screen fonts from 100% to a higher value (110 or 115%) so the text on desktop to appear larger, the Handheld Meter Logger software does not go full screen any more.

4)  Handheld Meter Logger software this is in theory capable to export your work as documents by the help of Microsoft office.
Undocumented limitations
a) Compatibility of Agilent / Keysight software with Microsoft office, this starts from MS Office version of 2010 and or higher.
b) Printed report generation, this can not include more that 200 data-points,  for example if you logging mains voltage you need to limit your log length to 200 data-points if you expect to use printed report generation.

5)  Handheld Meter Logger unable to connect with  Keysight server ... Check for updates...
Indeed some one pulled away and this plug, from the end of Keysight, and the software has nothing to connect to.
I am offering this clarification and or confirmation, because many of us we though that the problem could be miss-configuration of operating system and or a Firewall issue.

Nothing of all these makes sense, but it does from the end of Keysight,  Handheld Meter Logger this is a free sample an appetizer, so the consumers to be aware of other software that Keysight has on sale.   
What Keysight it is in denial to grasp, this is Handheld Meter owners feeling of disappointment, and it negative impact at any of Keysight marketing plans.