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Title: Google Sign-in: Anyone using a PC he is a Hacker
Post by: Kiriakos GR on April 08, 2022, 10:56:29 AM
This is the most amusing story of our times, last six months.

Google Sign-in does not consider any more, email along password credentials, as good enough for someone to Login at his account.
They are now force all people at receiving security codes on their mobile phones, and to comply at this new madness.

What we have now? One new policy considering any windows PC as insecure workstation for hackers.
Yes entire population of our planet he is now a Hacker according to Google.

The point is what is the truth?
Google has many ways making money, by using other people data primarily for his own benefit, and or by selling of people data to third party advertising companies.
European Union and consumers data protection organizations, they did create laws them restricting collection and distribution of personal data (by the use of personal computer).

But the operating system of smartphone ( Production of Google), this escaped so far from all inspections, regarding how many engines they are build-in at snatching evidences of any short of user activity.
They know even which menu shortcut are frequently used by the device owner.
Along other hidden counters,  of email activity.
It even collects all incoming email address of any email (including received SPAM).
Do you have 10~20 app installed?  All send reports of usage at Google and software authors.
Are you using GPS?  all your traveling habits they are now known to anyone who has the wish of spying on you.

If Apple products, these gained some sort of additional popularity, this is because some people, the most concerting ones regarding personal data security, they are consider this platform safer, or with better use of words, as less unsafe.

Its true that Banking system along Internet providers, and domestic state organization, they do require additional proof as security measures as identity proofs.
But Google ?  Who are they ?  How Important are they?  From its Android sold gadget, they made profit.
Its their obligation to make Android platform safer.
They are a seller of services.

Decisions, decisions ..  I am now in denial to log-in at my Google account for as long my Windows PC this should be tracked and verified every single time.     

Title: Re: Google Sign-in: Anyone using a PC he is a Hacker
Post by: overvolt on April 08, 2022, 06:43:50 PM
Yes their aggressiveness to steer things as they like so, it does bother me too.

Google account due any android device this starts by an email account that you are obligated to create.
User name and password, today does not worth anything as identification.  :P   

They do not honor even their user agreement , but what you do expect? they think them self as be monopoly.
Title: Re: Google Sign-in: Anyone using a PC he is a Hacker
Post by: Kiriakos GR on April 10, 2022, 09:54:07 PM
We are all hackers and they are the nice guys.   :-X

Primarily we have to log-in so to add a comment at YouTube, or upload a video, I am unable to understand of how they can be hacked from such an activity.
Its all lies.