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Author Topic: Benchtop digital power meter and your new obligations list = calibration  (Read 70 times)

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Even in the class of Top tear handheld multimeter,  there is the obligation of frequent calibration, if you do any high precision measurements.

Handheld along benchtop multimeter, they are used at single electrical measurement in the unit of time.
And therefore the user he has a lesser uncertainty at a electrical measurement so to worry about.

Benchtop digital power meter,  this perform at the same instance Voltage and Current measurements.
These are two simultaneously made measurements.

These are a combination of measurement uncertainty  regarding voltage this combined with measurement uncertainty at measuring current.
And in conclusion, the combined VA measurement this is at higher level of uncertainty = danger to be at high error. 

Most to all Benchtop digital power meter, they come with specific instructions =  new obligations list for the side of the owner.
Careful handling of the instrument, along carefully made electrical connections (wiring of load ),  these are the one side of the coin.
The next obligation this is a frequent calibration schedule every six months,  or else total accuracy this is not warranted. 

Benchtop digital power meter - digital sector
The digital section of such power meter, electrical energy calculation, this is made due a processor.
There is no doubt, that if programing of mathematical calculations this is made correctly, the SUM this will be always correct for ever.
Benchtop digital power meter - Start up
Three user manual of three power meter, all agree too, that warmup time of 30 minutes this is crucial prior starting any measurements.
By doing so VA measurement this recover at acceptable level of uncertainty, that is close to its power meter factory specifications. 

Benchtop digital power meter - storage after use
This is another sensitive information, or something that you should add in your to do list.
My lab for example, this is a safe place for sensitive electronic instruments, there is no high degree of pollution, other than regular dust.
But for industrial environments, that moisture along several sources of pollution, they are hardly controllable, there is no other way, than safe keeping all instruments at a dedicated suitcase.

Benchtop digital power meter - social bond with the manufacturer
If your plan, this is making serious work with your new Benchtop digital power meter, and to play the game by following all rules, then you have to seriously consider the distance of your base from the nearest calibration center of this equipment manufacturer.
How much will you be charged for such a calibration report? And of any adjustment if needed?
How fast you can get back your instrument?
Is this calibration lab a recognizable one at your own region?  (EU - US - other)
Is the manufacturer of the instrument some one trusted ?  is he a fresh brand on the market or an old and well known.

In summary:
The selection of benchtop digital power meter for precision work this is far from be called as easy.

Medium priced benchtop digital power meter, for basic power consumption measurements, they might be also get inspected with top tear multimeter, and this it might help at extending the period which such a product, should have to be calibrated from a certified lab.
Also, you have consider that all products no matter of their retail value, they will increase your obligations list equally.

Can we demonstrate Trust to made in China Benchtop digital power meter?
This is something that I am now aiming so to discover.
Some brands in China, while in their website appearance, there is no door for English speaking customers, the printed documentation of their products in English  (PDF) this is of very high quality.
The well written user manual this is something that helps me as a proof, of how serious and well organized are the source of its instrument (manufacturer or brand).         
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