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Author Topic: Keysight's customer service NEW changes - Hobbyist and non registered business  (Read 741 times)

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Today I did read over the internet, the fourth complain within six months time,  saying that Keysight's customer service refused to repair or calibrate expensive benchtop multimeter and or oscilloscope which this send to them due a Hobbyist and or from a non-VAT registered business.

Keysight this is entitled to create or have their very own after sales  policy, as it has Tektronix too, about Tektronix this refusing delivery of spare parts at consumer hands.
What is important are these policies, to be printed over the carton box of a product, next to the price tag.

The problem with Keysight this is the non-responsibly behaviour of their marketing strategies, whom told to Daniel Bogdanoff to make footage of 40.000 dollars scope, and to promote it as to was a toy that any kid on the planet can get ?

Why the YouTube Chanel of Keysight this is full of crap?
a) Full of footage with misleading titles.
b) The footage this is full of jokes and laughs.
c) The equipment under display on the footage, this is always very expensive hardware that only developers from industry can use.
d) The voice of Daniel Bogdanoff this is as to referring to 12 years old kids.

Funny presentations of professional equipment over YouTube, this is 11 years old recipe, which failed to deliver any meaningful message to the viewers.
Since the moment that Keysight took in their own hands, all internet products promotion planing, there is no Bloggers to blame other them self's.


Working professionals:
Within EU all Working professionals they are VAT registered, and therefore Keysight after sales  policy this is not an issue.

Hobbyist and non registered business
Working from home this is rather a new concept for EU, but TAX (VAT) avoidance this is an old known crime.

Many individuals, retiree or others, they thought to engage at sales from home of DIY voltage standards and of resistance standards.
Those few ones are heavily impacted by Keysight's  after sales policy.

But in the world of grownups we need transparency, and parasitic activities as of which cash this moved under the table, they should stop.

eBay and market of used
New trading policy now active, this is all eBay sales to include VAT that is prepaid.
In simple English, even a kid is not restricted so to buy an expensive Keysight product.
But the expectation of having it serviced by Keysight, this is not a realistic one.

Video Blogs which these FAILED to properly inform consumers
Successful visual content (advertising footage) this can be delivered or due a successful actor, or due someone with the appropriate education about teaching others.
The problem starts when people related to academia they are camera shy.   

YouTube alone with it misleading statistics about views along with the manipulation of viewers about what is considered as relative to them so to watch, this created a new distorted virtual reality.   
In this new distorted virtual reality it become as KING, one trainee electronics design engineer from Australia, he started his Blog with a rusty screwdriver and he was a hater of equipment User Guide manuals too, he manage to insult any living major brand of electrical test and measurement.
No FEAR ... all opinion become his slogan.

Its beyond of my understanding, of how and why top heads of academia did close their eyes to a such an imposter, and even helped him at the first years?
All indications that something is wrong was there, he even advertised family moments so to gain revenue from donations.
The so called Forum community, it become a place for kids talking all day long about DIY 20$ worth LCR meter.
Tektronix, Keysight, FLUKE all closed their eyes and played the game.
Especially Keysight this is now a victim of their own decisions.
As they copied promotion tactics or tried to imitate, the most antisocial person which own a video blog.
Eleven years later, this failed blog now become a merchant of items that comes from China mainland (the most of them).

The so called FORUM this using a software Add-on a cheat, which it job this is the illusion to others that 50 or 80 fake users they are logged all day long.
There is no room there for professionally working people, as the ban it is the tool so to silence any voices that speak the truth. 
In conclusion

The world of electrical test and measurement, this is one of most unpopular sectors, as this is related to industry and relative activities.
I do not own highly academic education, but I am intelligent enough, so to not fall in, in a pit of shit just for gaining profits.
My offline reputation this worth much more to me, than my on-line reputation.
I was forced to become a Blogger,  due my own sense of what is consumer to consumer responsibility, so the what ever distortion of this virtual reality, to be minimized due my own powers alone.
In a very sort time I did find allies, some of the best industries out there, from Taiwan, Japan, Israel and UK.
Some times we collaborate, other times we do not, but they are aware that my reality this is no virtual one, and that I can be trusted due my quality of character. 
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I did visited last week an web-shop in Poland, and there is a text note added  that Keysight products can be sold only to Professionals.

Previously I was thinking that just a few customers overreacted and that Keysight momentarily changed their policy.
So its a fact.
Keysight welcomes the year 2022 with new sales strategy.   



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