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Author Topic: ProlimaTech PK-2 Thermal Compound 2012~2022 Trouble Free Performance !!  (Read 17 times)

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How many different Thermal Compounds have you use in the past 26 years?
Did you always look for the best by reading piles of product reviews?
Did you ever worried about thermal compound expiration?
For how many years you had stable performance of your thermal compound without replacing it?
Which one were the FIRST and most successful chemistry of thermal compound for PC enthusiast?
Why we care that much about the quality of thermal compound?
Do we always pay the price that this really worth?

Let’s talk a little bit about history... 
2N3055 this is one of most famous transistors this was developed at 60s (1960) and requires thermal compound so to be mounted over a heat sink.
Therefore regular silicon thermal compound this is with us (a product in use) in the past 62 years up to date.

ProlimaTech PK-2 this is thermal compound a chemical development of 2011 that circulated at 2012 and now we are at 2022, that is it tenth birthday as successful product solution.
Therefore PK-2 this is a product developed 51 years later than the first known thermal compound paste.

Thermal compound paste for computer PC

Since times of INTEL slot-1 CPU (1998) Intel Celeron 300A, the first generation of PC overclock fan was born, I am one of them.
First ever made heat sink for overclock enthusiast this was made by a brand named as ALPHA in Japan.
It was an oversized aluminum block, first ever implementing a cooper base and aluminum fins in the shape of cylinder, looked as wood board with long nails over it at short spacing.
Therefore even at 1998 the best method for CPU cooling was regular oversized aluminum block along Embed copper plate (new design of heat spreader), along regular thermal paste.

Intel Pentium 4 (Northwood) single core of the year 2002, it was an era that first 3D games appeared, 3DFX vs NVIDIA it’s a known historical war of that era, the race of whom will have higher frame rates due overclock, it did begin.

Chemicals industry took this new market seriously (PC enthusiast) at about 2007 and later, first product which succeed to have elevated conductivity (8~9 Celsius lower CPU temperatures) this is no other than Arctic Silver 3 (AS3), production and distribution of 2010 (from an American company).
Even so, Arctic Silver 3 (AS3) this is historically from the first products making a difference that only a blind could not see.
The success story of Arctic Silver 3 (AS3), this boosted the interest of further more companies to get in that race (increased number of competitors in the new market).

ProlimaTech this is Taiwanese brand, was a developer of very successful CPU coolers, and naturally any high performance CPU cooler (properly designed heat transfer mechanical solution) this is also requires THE best chemical product as thermal compound so to shine.
ProlimaTech developed a new business relation with another successful in thermochemical solutions factory in Taiwan and this is how the ProlimaTech PK series was born.
Back at the year 2022    
Since 1998 we count today 30 years of computer parts development and also a period of time which those new words as overclocked (part) and over-clocker (identity) both were added in our mouth, them also identifying a person as PC performance enthusiast.
Therefore some people including myself, we assemble our own computers in the past thirty years, and we did collect enough experience’s so to pass them over to the younger ones.
Thermal compound paste, the regular white silicon does not have any expiration date and there is no written direction when servicing electronics, thermal paste this to be replaced at regular time frame.     

Advanced thermal compound paste, this is a rich mix of materials regarding chemistry.
The ones including silver particles, they might afraid that silver it might be oxidized and degrade regarding thermal properties.
The ones including aluminum particles, they might afraid also the scenario is oxidized and degrade regarding thermal properties.
Cooper this is wider known as metal which more rapidly gets oxidized when in contact with atmospheric air.

And therefore anyone interested to get in the bottom of metallic particles properties and or life cycle then he should get relative studies at the university.

Now few facts as assistance to the most people, the thermal paste with higher viscosity (the ones hard to apply over a CPU) (not in liquid form) are the ones blocking atmospheric air more successfully.
They create an airtight layer which metallic particle’s corrosion this is slowdown, and as such there is no need for frequent renewal of such a layer.

Arctic Silver 3 (AS3) this was a good example, not requiring be replaced for 5~7 years or longer (CPU cooler installed).
But Arctic Silver 3 (AS3) even by be stored within the tube, it viscosity changes and gets much harder to apply over a CPU, but thermal transfer property did not degraded even after 12 years in storage (use of entire tube content).

ProlimaTech PK-2 this also received by many kids a negative review as difficult to apply material, but even so it did deliver an excellent performance.

I did use recently ProlimaTech PK-2 over the GPU of my MSI GTX1060 6GB, production of 2016, and I did discover that speaking of performance, PK-2 this is a bit better than the industrial grade paste that MSI trust and use in their production line.

I did also use ProlimaTech PK-2, at my ProlimaTech Armageddon that is the most exceptional air cooled tower ever made, 100% Taiwanese product design along Taiwanese heat pipes (Made in China heat pipes = huge failure in performance even today).
ProlimaTech Armageddon this is designed at times that an INTEL CPU could reach up to 150W of power usage at extreme conditions, I have never buy or use any CPU exceeding TDP of 95W.     
Older Q9650 = 95W
Newer i7 4770 Haswell = 84W

Therefore by using a 150W TDP cooler over an 84W CPU, you may understand that CPU overheat this is impossible.
I did purchase ProlimaTech PK-2 end of 2021 (December), and I did start using it at January 2022.
My thoughts are very positive, as now I have proofs that regarding performance this is unquestionably excellent, it’s part of latest generation of chemicals them be developed at 2012 and become best preference even at the industry of Taiwan (MSI GTX 1060 of 2017) along home users.

My advice, you better staying in the side of well tested products with a proven good performance over the years, than becoming beta tester of magical in properties compounds.

In the end of the day nothing can help a poorly performing (poorly designed) CPU or GPU cooler so to maximize it heat transfer performance, when this never had any
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