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Author Topic: ITTSB Forum: Explanation of Power analysis basics and of what this board serves  (Read 4328 times)

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Since first day of ITTSB Blog operation, major focus shown in two directions of interest.

First is electrical measuring equipment reviews.
Second this is evaluation of electrical measuring equipment them be tested at real applications (insignificant and significant ones)

ITTSB forum alone this now includes over 2000 of pictures them demonstrating connectivity of multimeter, clamp on meter,  testers and even Oscilloscopes, in to test setups or them be connected to mains.

A single electrical measurement this is also a first step for starting a basic power analysis.

a) One (quality made) Digital multimeter will deliver reliable Voltage measurement (V)
b) One (quality made)  Digital clamp on meter, this will deliver reliable current measurement (A).

Mathematical calculation of voltage & current this equals to VA Power.

c) Use of Oscilloscopes’ in electrical measurements’ this delivers a view or better said this tool helps in visualizing how energy behaves in real time.

Now all information’s collected by all three equipment (tools) categories, those are key information for electrical troubleshooting in a single phase system.
We may also expand to three phase system troubleshooting by adding more tools and by collecting further more data in the unit of time.

This is the end of requirements’ for a basic power analysis, and there is no expiration date, as this is what we do in the past twenty years.

Recently made power quality analyzers them are introducing and other additional  important features.
a)   They have the ability to measure and calculate and deliver a visual representation of power harmonics spectrum.
b)   They can also deliver a visual representation of three phase synchronization.
c)   They can also measure dedicated power parameters as for example Power Factor.
d)   They can also record power consumption over time.
e)   They can deliver measurements’ relative to quality of power, by complex calculations of VA & harmonics & energy in use and sum of all calculations will deliver the magic number called as THD ( total harmonics distortion).

At ITTSB Blog it took about five years of time so me alone to create content and to also collect relative information’s to basic power analysis, and today most important topics has be transferred in this new forum board.
Now I will keep entering new content here, but now I have mostly the expectation that you all professional electricians would become leading contributors.

In the end of the day if electricians professionals does not find of interest key knowledge for their work, then feel free to become a toilet paper salesman.
This new career it might suit you best.
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