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It is a first time in my life, in which I was forced to demolish calibration shield so to deal with manufacturing issue relative to proper PCB installation position, so external power port to be usable as expected.

I did use 1048 loop calibrator at significant amount of applications all these months and now this is one of my very favorite tools.

But when I tried to use external power plug I did receive a huge disappointment, male 2.5mm plug of my power supply was unable to maintain stable power connection, while specific power plug was new I did replaced by another new for testing purposes, and the problem did not move away.
I did run out of choices and I had to break calibration shield so to discover the source of the problem.
1048 loop calibrator PCB this is held in place exclusively due single potentiometer mounting nut.
Unfortunately because potentiometer this is far away from power plug, it can not handle well additional mechanical forced needed so male power plug to insert all the way in at the female connector.
Additionally even if male power plug this is inserted all the way, specific on-board connector has issues to firmly hold in place the male connector.

Prior discovering my solution that is addition of  plastic spacer so this to kept PCB unmovable, I did try to gently expand diameter of 1048 case hole (power input plug) by assuming that few mm of additional space will aloud male 2.5mm plug to get in position.

In conclusion, my very own workaround it did partially corrected & improved the problem, but it did not solve it 100%.
Times Electronics UK Engineers they should look again at 1048 and of similar ones product design.
Similar power connector over Micro Cal 1030 this is by far better and much superior speaking of mechanical properties.
This product design flaw it is significant and I look forwards to see of how Times Electronics UK will respond on this challenge.
June 13, 2018 - Nagano, Japan

Meeting on June 7, 2018, Hioki’s Board of Directors approved a resolution to establish the following new subsidiary in Taiwan:

Company Name: Hioki Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
President:  Takahiro Okazawa (Also Senior Managing Executive Officer of Hioki E.E. Corporation)
Managing Director:  Junya Tobari
Businesses: Sale of Hioki products, customer support, marketing, and after-sales service in Taiwan

Date of establishment: July 2018 (tentative)
Start of operations: August 2018 (tentative)
Chinese RIGOL after announcing the upcoming production of DS7000 series about a year ago, it did stay silent.

Nowadays it does market benchmark, by releasing their fresh production within China borders.

DS7000 series includes two offerings.
First is DS7000 DSO that is of our interest too as sample for evaluation.
Second this is MSO7000.

DS7000 DSO comes for now in four models.
Common specifications:
4 CH
100 Mpts memory
10 GSa/s
600,000 wfms/s   
Vertical Resolution 8 bits

DS7014   100 MHz   
DS7024   200 MHz     
DS7034   350 MHz     
DS7054   500 MHz   

First positive impression about new DS7000 this is screen fonts size at graphical user interface, they now seems increased and this translates that specific advantage will theoretically attract interest and of people at the ages of 45~55 years old.
This group it is know admirer of Tektronix and GW Instek DSO, due super friendly graphical user interface both brands using at medium price range models.

First negative remark about both DS7000 series this is extreme narrow regarding depth dimensions.
Touch screen DSO with poor standing position this is in risk to be called as FAIL product design.
Second negative feeling this caused due front panel design and printed descriptions.

Unfortunately for RIGOL brand they seem confused.
They did pack one faster DSO in to a package that only under aged kids will accept it as is.

Every reasonable buyer he would expect that his wallet also buying mature product design as found in HIOKI products, or at Keysight DSO, or at Fluke products.
When RIGOL makes the decision to cut corners at product design this translates that RIGOL as genuine Chinese brand, all that they think as competitor this is them self’s.
They did something little better than before and now they should find buyers, and therefore they are happy about them self’s.
Today ITTSB Blog celebrates it newest milestone, for six long years I do continue to honor all trust shown to my Blog by T&M industry and readers.
Now it is the beginning of seventh year and ITTSB Blog this is further matured and transformed in to modern test ground able to host even highest precision equipment reviews.
ITTSB Blog nowadays it is known worldwide, it has respectable reputation and it did helped millions of consumers making wiser buying decisions.
Unfortunately due lack of incoming contributions and financial support, I am now forced to downgrade speed of content production, what will never be sacrificed this is content quality.
Thank you.

I did contact authorized seller of GW Instek in Greece, they will let me know of replacement battery cost as soon they will receive relative information's from the source.

In the positive side of things, in our times (this decade) only GW Instek and HIOKI Japan, they providing spare parts for component level repair.
From the other hand, its one battery powered tool, it hides one surprise, which the customer will discover in a later time.

In the regard of spare parts availability, I have full trust at both GW Instek and HIOKI Japan, and to no one else.

Have you contacted GW Instek for possible solutions? And battery replacement cost? Terrible news to gds owners, fuses and battery replacement......what else?... it's an expensive scopemeter  >:(

Dear viewers this project came to competition.  8)

In this last post you will see high quality pictures these demonstrating several product design details.
FYI this power supply it is the slimmest even composed (assembled).
Additional copper transformer at 8V AC added so to become DC power source for the panel meter.

In summary, this is the first LM317 based power supply, which it is compliantly assembled for professional use.
Over current protection this is double insured because of electronics working as power source for the LM317.
One Bourns 10K (ten turn) potentiometer this delivers necessary resolution for precision adjustments from 1.2V up to 22V DC.

Tiny DC fan this is capable fighting risk of overheat.
Banana plugs placement this aloud use or double banana testing plug.

Overall as in most LM317 based PSU only future missing this is adjustable current limiting, from the other hand there is no LM317 able to deliver reliability and features of 1000 Euro made in Japan, Professional grade power supply.
LM317 even build as armored  tank as is in my project, this always will be an medium quality secondary regarding priority power source. 

For about 15 years I am using Olympus C2100 Ultra Zoom for taking my pictures, it is so great that I have three of them.
Specific camera it is also fantastic performer at infrared spectrum, taking black & White pictures in the dark.

Unfortunately when it comes down taking pictures of cheap LED panel meter, there is a huge problem, LED digits looking as over-saturated and also as to be huge digital noise over them.

This time instead me compensating my C2100 UZ camera settings I thought to test Samsung Galaxy S5 at the same conditions, and yes the picture came out far more improved.

Personally I am from the people whom dislike LED as workshop lights, today I am finally aware of why,  it is more easy to manufacture cheap LED them also blasting significant power at infrared spectrum,  than making scientific research at focusing LED light power to be delivered at color spectrum that naked eye can see.


Finally after several days of waiting all essential parts they are here.  :)

Today I did finalize front panel design, as material for my front panel I did use section of top cover of HP D4260 printer ;)
Personalty I am quite satisfied from my progress so far, despite the fact that I was working with 28C indoor. 

For the adventurous readers here are few links for you to explore.
Naturally the hunting it is not easy about finding whom is the ODM?

Either way your gain would be at least honest specifications per model. 

1)  Guanglu Digital Vernier calipers

2) pngindustrial Digital Vernier calipers

3) Johnmantool Digital Vernier calipers ( model at first post above)
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