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Author Topic: Fluke Corporation & Fresh products release within 2018 ITTSB got their message  (Read 19 times)

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While product catalog of 2008 of Fluke Corporation this still looks almost identical to one made in 2017,
ITTSB Blog this received a hint in past 12 hours directly from Everett, WA.

Message body:   Hey Kiriakos - we have new, innovative products and new product features planned for release this year. Stay tuned!

Personally even from receiving such a sort message, I am fully capable to foreseen which specific old products are going to be replaced by newer and advanced ones.
For now and free of charge I will say that FLUKE 87V an 6.000 counts multimeter with measuring capability of just four times per second, this will be the first that needs to be replaced.

Regarding competitors, KS U1272A and HIOKI DT4282, these are examples of faster and advanced products even beginning of 2018.

KS U1272A with Windows Free Logger software including compatibility with Windows XP among with Bluetooth modules,  this is an very superior data logging setup.
Multiple meters can be logged, and speedy measuring engine of its one U1272A it can detailed capture even voltages coming from true pulsing chargers, them be technology of 90s.
Such a setup this is by far superior of what an Fluke 289 this can do alone or with it software that is not free of charge.

HIOKI DT4282 meter this is by far superior regarding speed - accuracy - number of counts - LCD display and getting a trusty measurement at Law of Ohm measurements and also at measurements involving pulsing power supply,  but logging software this is very basic and limitation of USB connectivity it does limit down usability in the regard of  having and a powerful data-logger.

Therefore if Fluke Corporation this thinking seriously to shake the market?  They should deliver :
a) One direct competitor to KS U1272A by including identical in value and usability data logging software.
b) One direct competitor to HIOKI DT4282 for those expecting highest performance at field work.

Fluke 289 can stay in the market at 50% discounted price.
FLUKE 28II can stay in the market at 40% discounted price from what is marketed today, as what it does mostly worth today this is it armor ( IP & drop-proof ).
And for FLUKE 87V it is it time this to get retired.

Therefore and in conclusion, if Fluke Corporation this is ready to compete and Win ? the stadium waiting for them to show.
ITTSB Blog looks forwards at getting NEW product samples and scheduling product reviews for them,  as soon Fluke Corporation marketing team this sends a direct proposal which this would be further analyzed.
Fluke Corporation has stay behind also at product families of Oscilloscopes and of Power quality analyzers, but this is another chapter that currently I am not going to touch.
For now I am staying tuned,  :) but please use your transmitter with priority because at ITTSB Blog we pay more attention when our marketing cooperation's offer to us shine of be exclusive news source. 
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