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Title: Announcement: DEREE DE-711 AC/DC DMM current probe 67/600A scheduled review 2019
Post by: Kiriakos GR on March 20, 2015, 10:45:11 AM
DER EE Electrical since 2013 had in their planning to release DE-711 AC/DC clamp current probe, so to work in combination with DE-208A multimeter.

DE-208A multimeter has been reviewed by ITTSB many months back, and the verdict was very positive.
This is a meter with a fast processor at 6000 counts, very robust range switch and molded rubber at it case, sensitive mV range starting measuring for 1mV.

In my eyes it shown as direct competitor of Fluke 87V.
In comparison with Agilent U1272A, DE-208A showed much stable when working in current sensor mode.
My only complain from it even today, is that it does not have a high contrast LCD display, but aside this detail it is a rock solid meter.

Generally speaking AC/DC clamp current probe for multimeters is extremely useful equipment.
Unfortunately similar offerings from other vendors up to date were always high priced and this made them unpopular.
The new offering of DEERE Electrical is DE-711 which is a DMM probe/Sensor aiming electrical applications.
DE-208A when combined with DE-711 offer three digits resolution when measuring at 1A.
ITTSB will test and evaluate both equipments in the near future. 

Title: Re: Announcement: DEREE DE-711 AC/DC DMM current probe 67/600A scheduled review 2019
Post by: Kiriakos GR on May 29, 2019, 10:50:00 AM
DEREE DE-711 AC/DC DMM current probe product review this is now a priority project for me.

Here I will post now DE-711 electrical specifications. 
Title: DER EE DE711 AC/DC clamp probe product review
Post by: Kiriakos GR on July 13, 2019, 12:17:26 PM
DE711 AC/DC clamp probe this is a very well made product which came too late in to the market so this to earn wide acceptation.

DEREE brand In Taiwan has also a portion of responsibility, because they did not demonstrate necessary passion so DE711 to be ready on time, so to be promoted as significant accessory for the DE208 that is a high quality multimeter.   

Generally speaking seven years ago the market has a different shape, modern AC/DC clamp meter was rare and expensive, and also Fluke and CA in France and their offerings of AC/DC clamp probe for multimeter were unreasonably priced at 300 Euro tag.
Back then the offering of DE711 AC/DC clamp probe at no more than 120 EUR it would look as fantastic opportunity and a true best value for money product which this is not lacking in performance either.

While the DE711 AC/DC clamp probe was lost in delayed production schedule, the market changed and among it changed also demand about specific format of tools.
Pricing of AC/DC clamp meter this got friendlier and dedicated AC/DC clamp on probes started loosing popularity.
DEREE did and another mistake and this is retail price evaluation of DE208A, first estimation was wrong as DEREE consider their product as a rival of Fluke 87V.
They silently correct that over the years and DE208 this is now under the 200 EUR mark.

I have to admit that I also lost my enthusiasm about this product review, as I become an observer of a problematic situation this totally out of my control.   

DE711 AC/DC clamp probe
Since arrival of DE711 and up to date, I did use it successfully at about 20 projects, mostly as monitor of UPS battery charging and discharging circuit inspection.
DEREE engineers they did succeed to deliver a clamp probe this truly be a successful made accessory of DE208.
DE711 when connected to DE208 multimeter this become a faster and accurate measuring setup that most dedicated clamps can not compete with it.

This raised performance comes from the fact that DE208 this is full size multimeter and also DE711 this is dedicated probe.
In conclusion no sacrifice was made in the section of high measuring performance because of portability factor (limited product dimensions).

DE208 multimeter is the only one that I own and this is capable measuring correctly as low as from 1mV!
Generally speaking not many of us we have increased understanding that a multimeter this including special mode for external AC/DC clamp on probe, this also translates to higher sensitivity at measuring millivolts.
DE711 AC/DC clamp on probe regarding sensitivity at the Jaws this starts sensing current at the range of 120mA and higher.
This probe designed to be measuring consumption up to 75A, such a limited range works in favor of measuring accuracy that dedicated current clamps are not able to deliver. 

DE711 battery life this is exceptional too, DEREE Engineers did also a great job here.
By using branded alkaline batteries the probe it can work approximately for three days or more non-stop.
In a regular application as for example monitoring a battery charge/discharge cycle, you will never need more than few hours about using this setup.

Other than using a multimeter I did tested DE711 with my Oscilloscope too.
Noise level was not significantly higher than my Chauvin Arnoux PAC12 AC/DC but neither can they be called as equal products.
An oscilloscope due it high sensitivity it can not be fooled by a probe which this designed to serve a multimeter that is a lesser sensitive to noise detection.

DE711 among DE208A multimeter they was designed to be a pair, and when they work together they do deliver performance and accuracy.

Build quality of DE711 this is high but not the highest speaking of plastic body, for example Chauvin Arnoux PAC12 AC/DC this using a plastic body with increased hardness that it could handle misuse due small accidents (falls on the floor).
Generally speaking all current probes they sensitive equipment's, you may not expect misusing them at the same degree that a handheld multimeter this can also tolerate misuse.
Most clamp on probes they use potentiometers for their calibration, and vibrations among misuse this is as you seeking for trouble.

DE711 probe comes with a nice soft case that DEREE did here a mistake speaking of dimensions.
The soft case does not have required length for the DE711, this causes an issue and DE711 it must be stored always carefully and at an angle.
DE711 soft case this is neither padded, I would recommend to our Blog readers getting a better soft case for this clamp (padded and larger).

DE711 clamp probe negative points ?

DE711 probe does not have negative points.
Jaws mechanism this is above the average but not the top one but neither at a class of a toy clamp.

DE711 test leads wire this is quality item, it is about a meter long and they can be extended by regular banana wire leads extension.
DE711 range switch this is excellent and robust, neither they are complains about the rubberised button switches.

DE711 clamp probe among DE208A multimeter final thoughts. 
This is a great pair of tools for carrying them it in your portable tool case if you can buy first a quality made soft case in which DE208A multimeter and DE711 they can be stored together among with their test leads.
Such a pair of tools this is a complete solution for any type of electrical measurement up to bandwidth of 400Hz by the use of DE711 (VFD current measurements’).
DE208A this is still an excellent multimeter and you may read it dedicated product review at ITTSB front page (Product Reviews navigation link).