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Author Topic: Power Adapter for DE-5000 LCR and other T&M portable tools  (Read 6165 times)

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I have one important NOTE to offer, to any one interested to get Power Adapter for portable LCR and or other portable meter, this performing electrical measurements.

Most generic Power Adapter they are made as chargers for tablet and other gadgets.
This translates that clean and stable DCV specifications, both are unknown.
Neither the amount of noise caused due such PSU (pulsing circuit spikes ) this is known either.

Serous makers of such PSU they offers at their product range and pulsing power adapter for medical equipment.
This classification of power adapters, it is a more safe choice to be used also as power source of portable test and measurement tools.

Just keep this tip in mind, whenever you are up to start your own homework about finding one.  :)
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