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Author Topic: New firmware for GDS 200/300 Oscilloscope series 11-1-2018 GW Instek  (Read 76 times)

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(For Firmware downloads from GW Instek web site you need to register for VIP account.)
Latest Firmware Version 1.14  11-1-2017  For GDS200 & GDS300 series.


Changes Log

Version 1.08
1.Russian language support.
2.Fixed a Korean input method bug.
3.Fixed a calculator app bug when tap ΅§ = ΅¨ key at first.

Version 1.09
1.Added environment temperature  parameter adjustment function for the DMM temperature measurement
2.Added DMM division switching safety mechanism
3.Added the "Cursor Link" function

Version 1.10
1.Modified the DMM maximum/minimum calculation mechanism.
2.Fixed the DMM trend plot display issue.
3.Improved the response time of the DMM Continuity function.

Version 1.11
1.Fixed the remote command for the save waveform file format

Version 1.12
1. Fixed the trend plot update issue

Version 1.13
1. FT5x46 touch panel controller supported

Version 1.14
1. Added Advanced DMM screen lock function.
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