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Author Topic: Made in China LED lamp power consumption tester - Buyers BEWARE Note 2021~2022  (Read 198 times)

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For about three weeks of time, I am now researching global market, for the discovery of fresh made Single Phase Power Meter, this capable for energy measurements that you can trust, along acceptable measuring error.

I am now close to the conclusion, that China it should be totally excluded from my list, as Single Phase Power Meter developer.

Within the past ten years, and especially within the geographical borders of Europe, IEC (organization) succeed at activating electrical standards relative to power consumption savings, new electrical appliances ( manufactured within and or imported to EU), they do follow several IEC standards and directives.

The message that electricity savings, this translates to less emissions transmitted to atmosphere, this is now well understood even from households.
Today, an higher number of European consumers they are well informed about this topic, and some of them they do wish to engage at measuring electrical energy mostly as comparison to their own electrical bill.
Major mistake that some European do, this is exploring the market of low-cost products of China.
China this is another continent,  99% of products for domestic use, they do not follow any foreign electrical standards set by EU or from American market.

Industry of China, this is for several years focused at LED lamps manufacturing, and as you can imagine, even trading of LED lamps within China, this is a huge market by it self.
And therefore the Chinese LED lamp sellers, they are in need for basic electrical inspection of LED lamp performance and about power consumption verification.

Two new tools, or product solutions started to appear since 2008 in China:
a) Low-cost LED lamp power consumption tester
b) Low-cost LED lamp brightness tester

Low-cost LED lamp power consumption tester
This is only in appearance equal to an true Single Phase digital Power Meter that this is acceptable to measure energy at the west world.
Such meters they are designed mostly from small group of people with significant intelligent at electronics design, but such product solutions they were never pass inspection from any electrical organization so to gain any certification even within China.
Within such an non-regulated, non-inspected market place,  any shopping of western buyers due eBay and other on-line tools, this will end up as waste of paid cash.

Such products in appearance they seem capable to measure:
Volt, Current, Watt, Power factor.

But be aware, of LED lamp testing actual needs... for example, LED lamps wattage this starts from 5W =  0.035A = PF 0.63 (220~230V)
This translates that this is minimum of wattage that the measuring device it should be capable to measure,  and the measurement this is not an accurate electrical measurement, but rather a number displayed in digits, this serving as comparison point with the label (wattage) of the LED lamp (DUT) Device Under Test.
Low-cost power consumption tester
VA and or Watts measurement this is not new requirement.
Since the begging of the year 1900 in Germany, the people felt the need to measure electrical energy.
Less costly to build energy meters, they can measure large electrical currents with much less of error. 

Today the Chinese market has to offer several of such (so and so) digital power meter, at the price range of 3 Euro up to 20 Euro (manufacturing cost).
Benchtop power meter of 20Euro manufacturing cost in China, this shown at retail price (at the eyes of western buyers) at 60 up to 200 ( USD / EUR).

The significant question here, this is if you are willing to sacrifice cash and get instead a shiny mirror, with LED display and a metal box?

Chinese factories communication with the western world
Especially hobbyists (electrical/electronics) and young people, they have are willing to bypass any good advice and buy such electronics so to test them.
Eventually when all sorts of problems start to appear, the user will try to communicate with the factory, because he does not have even a user manual in English.

According to west world standards, all manufacturers they are obligated to offer end-user support.
And this also apply for the Chinese citizens too and their domestic market only.

In conclusion
Within the year 2021 and up to the future, when an Made in China product this missing CE certification (at the back plate), the western buyer should accept this as NOTE from the Chinese factory, that this is not an product made to be exported.
There is any product support available.
This was not made to deliver build quality in accordance to West World Standards, and even performance according west world electrical standards.

Just few kilometers (miles) away from China, they are Japan and Taiwan.
Japan has their own electrical standards committee (organization) but as major country focused at international exports, they do closely follow western electrical standards.
Taiwan also an major country focused at international exports, they do closely follow western electrical standards too.
Both countries they are technology developers, with Taiwan this be an second best choice, most of times. 

Bellow are example pictures of one Chinese LED lamp power consumption tester.
The one this has nothing in common, with similar tools which circulating in Japan and even at our western world.   

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