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With some help from friends and their electronics lab at local industrial park, I did manage to smash 5 1/2 digits barrier.   8)

My LT1021 rocks the house at 6 1/2 digits  !! 

Fluke 8846A
DC range:   +/-  0.0024%  +0.0005
Title: What an electrician can do with three U1177A and three U1272A (wireless Logging)
(This is an upcoming article which I will deploy here in sessions and so stay tuned and bookmark the page.) 

This small article it is relative with the use of single or many multimeters as wireless monitor solution of a single measurement or in a network combination this monitoring up to three parameters simultaneously.

Since 2010 we are aware of Agilent / Keysight U1177A IR-to-Bluetooth Adapter and of Keysight Handheld Meter Logger Software.
Specific Handheld Meter Logger Software this is most powerful Windows PC data logging software platform even up to date in the year 2018.

1) Go Wireless with a Smartphone 
Primarily and in to it simplest application, single U1177A IR-to-Bluetooth Adapter this communicate directly with Free Android App.
In the range of few meters one compatible multimeter with the help of U1177A adapter will send the measurement in the screen of my smart phone. 

Smartphone App and Mobile phone hardware this aloud up to three connections with multimeter simultaneously.
This is ideal setup for three phase monitoring by the use of android tablet and personally I am in denial to use my phone as data logger for long term.     
Smartphone or any phone this is originally a voice communications tool.

2) Go Wireless with a PC Data Logger
Now the use of PC laptop or desktop PC among with Keysight Handheld Meter Logger Software, this is mind blowing experience if you discover how many things you can do, if your work includes product testing and evaluation of power systems or power sources.
By this setup three phase voltage or current monitoring for up to 26 hours this is possible.
Weakest link in the chain this is battery power for U1177A adapter, with alkaline battery this can do up to 30 Hours, and about 26 Hours this is the limit with AAA Ni-mh and logging interval of no less than five seconds.

3) Best multimeter to use with U1177A adapter?

To be continued…

For owners of ISO TECH oscilloscope (based on GW Instek hardware GDS-2000A )  seeking for firmware update ... I have good news for them.  :)

GW Instek firmware this is 100% compatible,  after upgrade, ISO TECH branding stays intact and only firmware revision this change to the latest.

Golden advice this is to always plug and use UPS (power backup unit) , so to avoid power failure at the time of firmware upgrade which will brick your equipment.
In the positive side of things, GW Instek has add a backdoor,  firmware upgrade activation this is also possible as boot-up option, which needs to be activated by buttons sequence.
Which device you are talking about ?  specific topic it is not relative to LCR meters.
I think i have the same device. This device is true full-featured LCR. It has measurement frequencies of DC/100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz. The highest frequency used to be the domain of only bench meters; hobby meters often only went to 1kHz or 10kHz if you were willing to pay for it. It wasn't until recently that a hobbyist could afford a 100kHz LCR.
Here I am adding interview file (This is in Greek language ) for our Greek members.  ;)

In the beginning I did started this project with enthusiasm but now I have to terminate it and move on.  :)

Unfortunately for any one owns specific boat body design, there is an huge issue with top cover which gets easily dis-formed and huge risk arises regarding waterproofing.
Due top cover shape and boat body design, there is no way to modify it or invent a real solution about this problem, by keeping aesthetics intact.

Personally I am against spending money and time for having in the end something imperfect.
Therefore I do opt out from this project, even so I will keep for ever all relative experiences about how RC system works and operation of electronics. 
For this reason alone I will not delete this content and thread.

But neither I am going to pass any positive recommendation in favor of those EOL products.
When waterproofing is a huge issue, it does not worth any investment at buying more reliable DC motor controller and RC control box with more functions. 
RC armored tank using identical in principal circuit and similar motors.
ITTSB blog received today a visit from Mr. Theodoros Kosmidis Electronics field technician based at north Greece and co-founder of Greek inventor’s team.
We did talk about technology and electrical T&M market, next followed step this was a live demonstration of best electrical test and measurement equipment's over the bench of ITTSB Blog.

And finally we agreed to meet again in the near future, this time with both co-founders of Greek inventor’s team.
I did also receive an interview questionnaire which I gladly answered regarding ITTSB Blog history, serving purpose and future plans.

While Electrical test and measurement market this is not booming regarding new product releases, the reputation of ITTSB Blog it self, this it does further expands and still gain recognition from their own readers and even of clever people them be founders of localized electronics communities.

Greek inventor’s team, this is another good example of makers working in their basement by tinkering over electronics applications not only regarding testing but also regarding software development and new test beds assembly. 

In detail, Greek inventor’s team this is formed at north Greece, by two major members whom organizing by them self’s gatherings’ of people with common interests in their own city, love for electronics and sharing of fresh R&D ideas this is enough so any one to become part of that group.

ITTSB Blog received with pleasure their invitation, about be interviewed by one of their team leaders.
I am foreseen this as significant PR opportunity for domestic use, under the concept that Greeks they can achieve allot more when acting united.
Interview it self this is scheduled for mid October. 
This is one of those times which a man feel proud of him self because he found by his own a NEW technical solution.

With the help of my Japanese software (high resolution data logger) I was finally able to log for several hours the behavior of my LT1021-10.
Several days of monitoring voltage and temperature it did payed out,  LT1021-10 at default circuit diagram (provided by LT) it is prone to drift due temperature change in the range 23~28 Celsius.

For LT1021-5 there is a suggestion about adding a single 1N4148 Zener diode from Trim pin to the center pin of the ADJ pot.
Such a solution will make the reference chip immune to drift due temperature.

LT1021-10 this is different than LT1021-5, addition of single Zener causing at 10K pot an increase of resistance, and the reference this is unable to be trimmed lower than 10.0012V (10V).
The solution which I thought and tested and works !!!!   This is adding quantity of five schottky diode SB160 in parallel.
With out any other addition at trim circuit, and by adding one filtering capacitor (Metallized Polyester Film Mylar Capacitor) at 800nF in the output, my reference chip become ROCK SOLID.   8)  8)

I am currently data logging and monitoring the reference for 18H and the plan is to continue for another two days days.
Additionally I got as loan one Fluke 8246A so to verify the reference output with out drift which this caused by temperature change at portable multimeter.  ;)

My ultimate target this is my reference to hit the mark of  1000Hours = 43 days of operation, and final trim correction will be performed at that time.

To be continued ...

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