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DEREE DE-711 AC/DC DMM current probe product review this is now a priority project for me.

Here I will post now DE-711 electrical specifications. 
1) Cleaning of surface contamination at 4mm banana plug

Your 4mm male banana plug this no matter in which factory was made, at the pin side will have the spring loaded surface.
The cleaning of the surface it can be made by the use of pencil eraser which this is bright new and never used to erase pencil. 
Spring loaded surface this is mounted of a master pin, this area it can only cleaned with injection of isopropyl alcohol, the one for medical use this is rather expensive but Teslanol Electro clean spay this will work too.

2) Cleaning of surface contamination at spade lugs
Here you may simply use a pencil eraser, there is no need for using any chemicals.

Cleaning of female banana plugs this is tricky, especially of the ones over a multimeter.
Some quality made multimeter they use rubber O-ring to prevent insertion of water or other liquids.
One Cotton swab this can be inserted, but for best results this should be wet just a bit by isopropyl alcohol.
Use of compressed air this is the very first step of cleaning process, then as soon Cotton swab it does it job then the multimeter it should stay 15 minutes to dry with no probes attached. 

Nickel plated or Gold plated parts all they should be cleaned by a gentle way,  the sand paper this is for idiots to use.  :P
Kelvin probe for LCR Meter this will mainly transfer ACV signal at the capacitor under test.
This translates that DC component caused by Low thermal EMF (dissimilar metals touching its other) this is not measured and it is ignored.
Because of above detail most Asian factories they can mix wires and banana plugs and all sorts of Kelvin clips so to produce a LCR Kelvin probe harness product which will work in most cases, because neither cheap LCR meters they do have any high precision specification.

Now a Kelvin probe for 4-wire Resistance measurements’ this is a totally different animal.
A benchtop multimeter will use DC current, Low thermal EMF (voltage) this can be minimized by the use of similar metals (similar metals touching its other) at entire chain of parts in use for such harness construction.

Generally speaking production of quality cables and banana plug and Kelvin clips in mainland China this does not exist.
There is mass production by the use of cheap grade of copper and lots of gold painting instead of plating.

If you choose a DIY path, then all parts used for the assembly of a Kelvin probe for 4-wire Resistance measurements’, these should come from branded sources or at least from Taiwanese factories which they respect the customer by delivering quality this worth to be exported to EU and the USA.

For example many people get fooled by shopping silicone cables about using them at test leads, when these cables are made for RC toys powered by lithium batteries.
Such wires are not made by pure copper and plating this is made by unknown methods, the end product this is a sum of dissimilar metals touching its other.
This article it would no be complete with out the addition of clues regarding how a higher in precision and in resolution multimeter this does measure such a voltage divider.

New factor in this game this is the comparison between impedance of 10M Ohm VS 10G Ohm that is what quality benchtop multimeter they can also use.

First picture this is at 10M Ohm, this is comparable to handheld multimeter impedance.

My Fluke 8846A this is superior than any other tested multimeter regarding technology in use, calibration this is verified, and it does have much less internal noise when this is compared to ancient 8842A.
Second picture this is at 10G Ohm impedance setting, as you can see 10G Ohm this really influencing Voltage divider circuit and voltage output this is now higher by +0.0025 %.

What worth's remembering for my tests this is a single significant detail, there is no Voltage divider this be compatible for both multimeter impedance's at 10M & 10G.
My circuit this is trimmed for 10M and I very happy regarding it performance.       
8846A belongs to high class of benchtop DMM and it is normal this to be able to measure in finer detail because of it higher sensitivity and it lower ADC noise.

Standard deviation of my reference voltage source this is down to 4uV, and therefore neither digital filter at 8846A this has much of work to do.  ;)   
Vast majority of multimeter buyers they never pay much attention at product specification this referred as:  Product storage temperatures range.

Max storage temperature this is upper limit of environmental temperature when this is in storage.
Minimum storage temperature this is mostly a warning relative to humidity and relative problems.

How many of us we have awareness of safe and of unsafe storage methods?

This small article it is here to alert multimeter owners working outdoor so they to act wisely and to avoid handheld multimeter overheat, aesthetics damage (front panel) and also test leads wires damage.

Exterior build quality of a multimeter this is usually overlooked prior a product purchase, many consumers fall in the known trap of retail pricing (value for money) and they end up buying a multimeter which this is not designed to survive in outdoor use.
Vast majority of multimeter these they are designed for indoor use ONLY, they can not be protected enough by any storage solution so them to survive outdoor.

The description as rugged meter this belongs to multimeter models which they were designed by this concept and their electronics performance this is not measure up here.
One rugged meter with few functions this is still a rugged meter.

Exposure of a multimeter to direct sun light at summer days this is an equal torture as if the DMM it is in storage inside of inappropriate plastic tool box (that most electricians using) this not including ventilation.
Such storage boxes they get frequently hot at a temperature range of 50 Celsius to 75 Celsius and all tools inside they get cooked in to this portable oven.

Old timers electricians was using leather made soft pouch, for quick transport of a few hand tools and a multimeter (within a factory), for example maintenance department team this now moving to inspect a reported problem. 

Protection of handheld multimeter and of other sensitive electronic tools this is not possible by simply spending money for soft bags and hard cases, its more like as a father protecting all times it kids when they are out of  home.
High temperature this called anything above 28 Celsius, this has to do mostly with properties change at that temperature of clear acrylic window, rubber parts, silicone parts, nylon parts, and of most petroleum based plastics.

Highest protection that money can buy this could be hardened plastic case with internal foam, this be also IP67.
But do not be confused, this is not an all-weather solution, or an all times storage solution, these are intended to be used if an repair man he has to move many kilometers away from his base (a long journey) and this is rare to happen.

Summer heat this hides and another danger, this is relative to test leads wire mechanical damage of insulation material, this gets softer and less tolerate regarding test leads misuse.
Another potential problem could show from careless use of multimeter range switch, some times I was witness of a helper electrician him rotating the range switch as this to be a toy so to play with.
Identical negative examples it can also happen with current clamps and other tools. 

According my views and by having awareness of all such hazards, my response this is adding a screen protector film (mobile phones) over entire amount of multimeter which I own, no matter if they are rugged or not.

Additionally a high quality soft back this is also another precaution and an investment which I did and pay so to get.

In summary, the protection of your multimeter and tools (of your property), this it should be made after giving it some thought.
A soft bag with inappropriate design and dimensions for your multimeter this is a source of hazard.
My recommendation this is go for compatible storage solutions offered by its multimeter manufacturer, because they did their choices by performing upfront quality tests for these storage solutions.
Avoid leaving a toolbox loaded with multimeter in your car this is under the sun.
Avoid leaving a multimeter and accessories exposed to direct sunlight, product discoloration this is another undocumented hazard.

Be a good dad of your multimeter and tools, so them to be safe and grow with you!   :)
Software section / GW Instek GDM-906x software DMM-Viewer2 Quick-Test
« Last post by Kiriakos GR on May 24, 2019, 10:52:50 AM »
GW Instek GDM-906x  this is recently produced 6 1/2 digits DMM.

Because GDM-906x this has LAN connectivity, I got motivated to test recently offered software for it, this is DMM-Viewer2  3/2019.

DMM-Viewer2 software as stand alone does not work, it does require VISA run-time, I did then install VISA 3.6 as the less harmful monster this compared to more recent VISA versions which they are performance killers of Windows XP Operating system.

Either way, I did succeed having a quick look of DMM-Viewer2 GUI.
a) This is limited to fixed size and does not support full-screen.
b) There is no settings so DMM-Viewer2 to support LAN other than serial connection due VISA run-time
c) I did try to cheat death and to establish connection with my 8846A in hardware DMM,  but this was rejected as not compatible even if it did succeed to communicate with this GW Instek software. 

Generally speaking, this DMM-Viewer2 software this is first step of GW Instek so to develop their own data logging software suite for benchtop multimeter.
Originally, GW Instek tried to play with compatibility of their DMM with BenchVue Software from Keysight.

In my opinion BenchVue Software this is No1 regarding offered functionality but high pricing and Keysight Licensing system both are a pain in the ass solutions which bonds your PC with company servers, all these causing negative impact to consumers.

It would be wiser Keysight to sell 100 Euro its software license and the software to not require Internet connection and other unreasonable requirements so this to operate.
Max number of connected instruments to BenchVue standard edition (if there was one), this could be limited to four instruments regardless of their manufacturer.         

Now we have here a GW Instek counterattack, neither their software this is made with a wider compatibility in mind, additionally this seems limited as single instrument data logger, and Graphic User Inter phase this is not seems as eye candy either.

Within 2019 any benchtop DMM this not delivered among with eye candy and usable data logging software, this I do consider it as unfinished product solution.       
Currently GW Instek this is forced following SIGLENT footsteps, and to deliver something basic that is better than No-software at all.   

Either way, I bet that consumers will appreciate such baby-steps in software production, than what other brands did as for example Tektronix which it did leave their DMM with out data logging software, with out informing consumers or do something about it since 2016.   
Five years ago I did write a similar topic about  Fake Maxell coin batteries ( 2014 ).

Among us repairmen s, both of these two brands  Maxell & Sony they do represent reliability.
CR2032 this is not only popular as Battery for Computer motherboards, but also for electrical test and measurement equipment.   
CR2032 (220mAh) 3V Lithium technology this seems to silently be improved regarding extended life-cycle.
In my surprise a six years old (from it production) 8846A DMM, this arrived as used and my inspection shown that installed CR2032 this is in like-new condition.

Now in May 23 2019,  I was in need to get stock of CR2032, and I voted for Sony this time.
First though as always when shopping from eBay, this was to inspect the product if this is genuine or Fake.

My quick research over the Internet helped me to realize that specific batch it is Genuine.
While production date this is not printed on the carton box, and also expiration date this is 2029, quick conclusion this is that SONY have the faith that such product will have a ten years trouble free life.

The fate of a battery this is it be discharged.
Only when the circuit using such a battery this is well designed and only then a battery will stay longer serving as power source.
8846A DMM (circuit) this using Soft-On power supply design, this translates that part of the power supply stays always active, and that CR2032 this serving to retain date and time, this staying unused.
In other words,  8846A DMM (circuit) this using the battery at identical conditions as to were a PC motherboard.

Therefore if such a battery it is rarely in use and rarely discharged, then sum of product life-cycle in years, this starts be an important factor.
Anonymous Industry of China which manufacturing also CR2032, they cannot deliver or honor a true long-lasting product ( 10 years) because they do not have necessary R&D to make it.
In other words, cheap no-name batteries they should be used only in fast draining devices, as Example: remote control and toys.

Bellow I am posting high quality pictures of  my SONY CR2032  in case that you will need them for a genuine or Fake comparison.

For SONY products specification you may visit  https://www.sony.net/Products/MicroBattery/cr/spec.html
Notice: This product was discontinued on Apr 26, 2019.

ITTSB Blog Notice: Yokogawa probably lost their mind ...  They suggest as product replacement TY520 that is full size multimeter.  :P

I am adding here an interesting screen shot.  :)

This is the AC component when charging a Lithium battery at 4.2V  0,8A 

Dear members and visitors of ITTSB Blog,  this forum section is now here ( 19 May 2019) so this to become a public space that awareness will be served mostly regarding expectations of In and Out of Warranty product support.

In Warranty product support, this must be well defined by a legal agreement document that is your obligation to be aware of all terms prior buying any new product.
Out of Warranty product support this is usually not documented and this is a sector that shines ONLY brand names which they truly care for their customers and their Long Term satisfaction.

This board it can host a customer product support complain of adult’s only, them throwing away anonymity, and by the presentation of evidence that their case this is real and not a fake one.
Therefore this board it will be strictly moderated from us ITTSB Blog Team.

Most of times when a consumer facing a problematic behaviour from a Brand name and manufacturer of a product, a consumer disappointment and comments has no actual impact, simply because this is not publically available.
Such brands which misusing consumers and continue doing Business as usual by following unconventional tactics, now they will be exposed.

Most European consumers they lacking awareness of how simple this is you becoming a member of consumer rights protection organisation in your own country.
A yearly membership this will cost you approximately 25 Euro and when you are in need for help, you will receive it by consultants and attorneys’ at no cost for you.
I am Kiriakos Triantafillou and my personal satisfaction and expectation this is limited to the fact that worthy brands in customer support performance and at handing over spare parts to consumers, they will praised and won an increased customers preference.
And any others using Dark Age’s tactics they will gain the fame that they deserve.

We Europeans, we did teach our society this using fair trade practices and most of our Made in EU products do not follow planned obsolescence.
European Union this also fighting planned obsolescence, and consumers rights they are now a top priority.

But its one of European consumer he has the moral obligation to report mostly to authorities of any troublesome condition that he gets involved or discovers.
Customer complains in to Blog and forums this is our own defense shield but this will not solve the problem but it will point it out.
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