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veni, vidi, vici .... :)   Most  Low-end Asian-Made crap, now these stay unsold and far away from Europe.    ;D ;D

Beginning of 2019 and because such tiny chip controllers they can hardly offer usable light power other than be a decoration gadget, I thought to start experimenting with a 5V controller.

My Circuit this is based on two transistors and a few resistors, the idea is simple.
An comparator circuit this works as a valve (electronic photo diode), when there is incoming sunlight,  LED's goes off, and charging begins.
Then, at sun down, this comparator circuit allows battery energy to flow at the LED's

My new project this is tested (electrical circuit) but now I am looking for finding best solutions regarding final assembly.
Solar panel will be placed at best location, and this IP67 housing will be installed in a location which will be most useful.
Over the spot light housing, I have install a bracket this holding another team of LED, by such a trick this light will be able to target at two directions.

Chinese makers of such gadgets they use low quality housing for such lights, plastics get burned from the sun, and clear acrylics loose their transparency.
I am now optimistic that a real IP67 spot light housing among with true glass, this is a much better solution.
Semper fidelis Kiriakos...

Never too late to include a ANA618 datasheet. Chinese and English.
While I am going to wait for a few weeks (shipping time),  you may have a look of  ITTSB links collection all relative to banana plugs for DIY test leads. 

2013 Best stacking banana plug for T&M projects

Stäubli SLK425-E & L41 MULTILAM Gold plated banana plugs – Mini Review

Quality Test lead wires specifications - Get more understanding about them
Second time gambling with eBay, this time about Shrouded 4mm Banana Female Jack  CATII 600V /MAX 19A.

I have some ideas about special projects so to use these but I will have to wait first from their arrival.

Most common use for such female shrouded bananas this is a cable extension, but in order for someone to succeed such a goal,  these plugs they should be tested first for mechanical compatibility with test leads banana plugs offered by HIOKI, FLUKE, BRYMEN, Keysight, DEREE and also with dedicated test lead plugs manufacturers as is as for example MC (Multi-Contact). 

Therefore soon I am going to have a chance for a new mini-test (Review) which will be significantly interesting one. ;)   
As you can see from mechanical drawing, there is one measurement missing, this is thickness of insulation sleeve.
Second detail missing this is quality of the surface of this insulation sleeve.

MC (Multi-Contact) and other factories which they use quality materials as insulator, their plugs they can produced with increased hardness, insulation thickness this is less, surface this is non porous, and sum of these details they do increase compatibility with most to all male Shrouded banana plugs.

Soft Nylon this is easy to melt and to form a product, but maintenance of thickness accuracy at production line, this is not easy to be controlled.
Dear readers, forum members, and friends.

Since 7 June 2012 until today, ITTSB Blog managed to stay active and to offer or share with you, lots of information from Electrical Test and Measurement industry.

ITTSB Blog front page and Forum (Blog content hosting extension platform) both are valuable assets today.

ITTSB Blog treasure this is not limited to significant amount of product reviews, but also at written 1500 (electrical – electronics) applications examples or more which they are available to you as Forum topics content.

Ten of May 2019 I am now 50 years old, this is the age that wisdom percentage this ranking higher than enthusiasm percentage in our brain cells.
Therefore since now and on, I will be further selective about products selection for upcoming products reviews and new electronic projects (if a worthy opportunity arrives). 

ITTSB Blog stats Sum this is now at one million visitors per year.
How many are robots and of how many are humans? There is no such math available because I never used any hidden marketing practices so to take advantage of our Blog visitors.
Instead I did my best safeguarding Forum engine and Spammers to be impossible to infiltrate and play with personal data of our few but valuable to me registered members.
I am going to celebrate and this new milestone, by simply thanking our moderator and members and visitors, among with my Blog sponsor for their demonstrated trust and friendship to me.

My goal and wish since beginning of ITTSB Blog, this is of me helping at discoverability of high performance and innovative multimeter, Oscilloscopes and of other measuring equipment's.
Technology this is a high speed moving train, and people related to it they should also move at the same speed or just a bit slower.

Best Regards to all,
Kiriakos Triantafillou,  ITTSB Blog founder.   :)
Are you aware of the differences among a product labelled as switching mode power supply from the product labelled as switching mode 5V charger?

Are you aware of hidden high risks?  Of what it can go wrong when using unreliable power adapter this powering sensitive electronics all in a chain with your motherboard USB ports?

Instead writing a lengthy article so to explain of why poorly manufactured power adapter these explode, short-circuit with out obvious reasons, they could cause overvoltage and destroy USB port controller, kill your motherboard and burn many USB devices, what I will do this is an offering of practical advices which every one can use.

First of, if you get from eBay an low cost USB hub this including power adapter as is the small one this pictured in my pictures, simply get a hammer and make it a flat shaped art.
A proper switching-mode power supply this should have a weight of no less than 80 grams.
This is the economy proper made ones and their weight this includes necessary in size transformer and switching noise elimination filter.

The inappropriate switching mode power supply this is just 29 grams with out the weight of the cable.

Why selecting a 2A 5V switching mode power supply?
If you use a single USB HDD enclosure (160 to 500 GB HDD) this will feel happy by requiring 450~800 mA (Min/Max) for reliable operation.
One double in available wattage switching-mode power supply this will work cooler when feeding power to USB hub this powering a single USB HDD.
Second advantage this is that now you can connect two USB-HDD storage devices in that hub and you may use them simultaneously.
Generally speaking proper sizing method so you to calculate how much wattage you need for single USB hub port, this is 1A per port (PSU named specification).
Second reason that you have to worry about other than the quality of the 5V power supply this is the build quality of your external USB hub.
You may test both by running windows HDD Error checking tool for bad sectors,  this will require continues HDD operation for 45 to 90 minutes according to HDD size.
By doing that with out anything failing this translates that you do have reliable hardware links in the specific USB chain. 

I am using WD Elements SATA 2.5" USB 2.0 HDD enclosure with a high performance WD Scorpio ML80 WD1600BEVS Hard Drive.
My requirement this is connecting this HDD with my desktop PC USB ports, only the ports at the back of my motherboard these are capable to deliver enough power.
And the connection of short length USB HDD device at the back of my computer this is trouble which I wanted to avoid.

My successful testing of this DYS122-050200W-2 and it build quality, it did filled me with enough confidence so to use it when I need to use my WD Elements SATA 2.5" USB 2.0 HDD at my Four ports external USB hub.
DYS122 this were tested for 90 minutes (HDD constant activity) and it did get warm to 30 Celsius with 22 Celsius indoor temperature.
This is another good performance indicator in my eyes.

WD Elements SATA 2.5" USB 2.0 HDD enclosure teardown / what’s inside
FAKE USB3.0 HUB (True USB2.0) USB\vid_05e3&Pid_0610 Rev_9223
Originally I thought to perform testing of contact resistance of new (four pin) Molex type connectors, the ones that every computer power supplies they come with.

A new Molex plug this includes four male or four female pins among plastic cover.
Price of single plug with pins this is very inexpensive.

Primarily I thought to measure resistivity (contacts resistance) from side to side which the cable this gets installed and this is two milliohm in a new and unused set of pins (male connected to female).

Then I thought to measure resistivity starting from cable installation point, and up to the center that is half distance and this now measured at one milliohm.
I do consider now these inexpensive Molex pins as one material that it can be used by anyone as Resistivity benchmark.

Benchtop multimeter that it can be benchmarked this is the one including 10 Ohms measuring range and also come with high resolution regarding digits.
( 6 ½, 7 ½, 8 ½ ) .
Four wires measurement, this is another requirement among with the use of Kelvin clips.

Bellow are test results of Fluke 8846A when this tested against HIOKI dedicated resistor meter this worth three times more than the multimeter.

HIOKI meter with on-board Comparator function this is able to make a reliable judgment down to 0.005% of resistor tolerance, RM3542A this does auto-calibration every few minutes, test leads resistance this is automatically zeroed, and this is something that a regular multimeter can not do.
RM3542A this translates to hassle free repeatability and measuring precision, because of it several internal circuits (Helper Functions) them operating as active guardians always awake and always present.

Now that all details they are explained, your may proceed to discover how your own benchtop multimeter this measure up.

Fluke 8846A this has precision specification for Ohms at 0.05% (12 months).
Specific DMM this is not calibrated for six years, even so it delivered measurement result I do consider it as remarkable regarding calibration stability.
And it Resistivity sensitivity this is also amazing. 
Five months later than this topic creation, and my room temperature this raising now close to 20C and just a bit above, soon it would be a good time to perform a new inspection of all three U1272A and also of my newcomer 6 1/2 precision multimeter.     

Specific 6 1/2 precision multimeter this has voltage reference with active heater and this translates that it is immune to Temperature coefficient drift.
Therefore in the upcoming weeks I will have the opportunity to explore how immune really this is … At 23 Celsius and higher than that.   :)
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