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If you did enjoy this topic  :) , a next one also interesting this is    Applications list for three U1177A Bluetooth adapter ( Wireless Data Logging )
FINALLY !!    8)   my used Agilent U1272A multimeter  in “like-new” condition .. AGAIN !!   ;D ;D

Knob contacts plate removal and transfer at new Top Case ASSY.   :)
U1272-48000  Keypad
The purchase of a used multimeter always include risks, you are unable to predict if this DMM it will pass functionality tests, neither you may predict mechanical condition of range switch or even the condition of rubber keypad.

End of 2018, I did buy a used Agilent U1272A from a UK seller at Ebay.
I was needed it, so to form a team of three, a wireless data logging system.

Specific Agilent U1272A this must be first PCB revision, and therefore it is a product manufactured somewhere at the year 2010~2011.
While this passed all functionality tests and it does deliver correct measurements, I did notice few issues.

a) Clear glass at display was heavily scratched 
b) Range switch knob this is functional but aesthetics was not that great. 
c) The rubber keypad while seems usable, some buttons was softened from frequent use.
e) Top Case has scratches’ and few printed descriptions around the range switch were also scratched.

Generally speaking for the price tag of 200 Euro shipped for such a used meter, you can not raise a complaint, but I am sensitive regarding aesthetic issues, and I did order new parts so to restore this multimeter in “like-new” condition.

My order includes:
1x   U1272-64401 Top Case ASSY With Knob and 2x of U1271-48000 Keypad, one for immediate use and the second as spare.

I had never order before any Agilent / Keysight spare parts, but the all process this is a trouble free one.
I did notify Keysight authorized reseller in Greece, and my order was executed in a very reasonable time-frame.
Top Case ASSY With Knob = 27 EUR with no VAT
Keypad = 7 EUR with no VAT
A total of VAT and local shipping (for all three parts) of 53,84 EUR

While this multimeter did not receive much of love from it previews owner, from now and on, this will have a good life by serving in measuring applications contacted by experienced hands and be safe, plus this now having it very own Keysight soft bag.

Originally I thought to avoid buying new spare parts, this multimeter it was usable as is.
Then I did use a quality scratch remover cream (paste) and after several hours of scrubbing with cotton, I did manage to remove most of deep grooves.   
But in our days and especially regarding products coming close to a decade of age since first production, you better get them serviced nowadays and before any EOL note this appear at manufacturer WEB site, which this also translates that spare parts availability this will soon disappear too.
Regarding U1272-64401 Top Case ASSY With Knob, it is a mystery of why Keysight send this with out circular holder of electrical contacts?
Neither included a white part (range to range) lock ring either?
Basically if something is not included? Then this is extra and orderable, but neither this lock ring nor electric contact pads (disk and pads) seems as orderable.
If Keysight included product pictures for this spare part, at least we will know of what to expect.
I have a note to share, especially for owners of 8846A within EU.
They can purchase a New Lens if they ever need it, at the cost of 12.50 EUR plus VAT of their country.
This information came to me from fresh appointed distributor of Fluke in Greece.
Part code 2454074   

Regarding Tektronix, soon I am going to receive price list of available spare parts for DMM4050, Lens, Front Boot, Handle, Banana inputs decal and Keyboard.

Today I did also receive tracking code of my Keysight parts for U1272A, Greek orthodox Passover holidays is on the way, therefore nothing moves at high speed. :)

Hi Kiriakos, congratulations for getting your BeNcH tOp DMM  :) 8)

Thanks mate !

I did count my own buying decision over several factors, one of them was trouble free purchase of spare parts related to aesthetics improvements.
Either in new products or used ones, accidents happen,  you may need a knob or a filter? or to replace the handle.
Yes my smile this is temporarily traumatized, because I have feelings for my tools,  other than great performers they should have acceptable appearance.
For my third U1272A which I got it used from UK end of 2018, purchasing from Keysight Partner in Greece of a new top cover with knob this was not difficult.
This month I am expecting delivery. 

In the positive side of things, I never had before a DMM this be capable for Volt and Ampere measurements at the same time either.  8)   
I am no electronics designer, but seems unwise such circuits coexisting in a single PCB.

If they were at separate PCB's then this would be a great help in favor of repair-ability.
By simply replacing the faulty board.   
I am now officially Owner of a used DMM4050.  8)

Hi Kiriakos, congratulations for getting your BeNcH tOp DMM  :) 8)
It is obvious that wile specific DMM hardware this is according to your own high standards (or close enough), your smile was traumatized by discovering poor customer support performance offered by Tektronix.

From purchase date of your used DMM, that is two months of ownership so far, you did a great job at finding of what Tektronix this hiding under the carpet:
DMM4000 series with out software, a dark unusable Lens were installed at older produced DMM and Tektronix customer support this looks unprepared to handle a single spare part purchase request.

I think that all eyes are over your activities right now.
In the end of the day if Tektronix wants to join list of brands with appalling customer service, neither you can stop them.
If some one advice’s you to read complete user manual of your new DMM this is because there is no other way of you to get truly familiarized with it. 

I will not give free fish but I will motivate ITTSB Blog readers to connect Trigger I/O output with nothing less than a workhorse oscilloscope, and then you will be able to verify measurement per second execution or also this described as measurement rate.
Its one completed measurement this delivers a confirmation Trigger signal.
By measuring in the unit of time total amount of confirmations, you are now able to verify measurement rate.

Testing process this is identical as when we inspect oscilloscope frame rate Wfms/s.
Sum of completed waveforms they are measured by the use of a frequency counter.

The only limitation here this is limited ability of oscilloscope it self at capturing lower signals than 2Hz update rate, but this is nothing major as obstacle, you may use oscilloscope memory so this to record slower signals and measure the update rate on screen with out expecting frequency counter this to deliver the measurement.

First oscilloscope screenshot this is single Trigger I/O pulse, other screenshots these are my tests under DCV measurements’ under specific NPLC.

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