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Author Topic: How to identify Fake SONY coin batteries in 2019  (Read 198 times)

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How to identify Fake SONY coin batteries in 2019
« on: May 23, 2019, 11:09:06 AM »
Five years ago I did write a similar topic about  Fake Maxell coin batteries ( 2014 ).

Among us repairmen s, both of these two brands  Maxell & Sony they do represent reliability.
CR2032 this is not only popular as Battery for Computer motherboards, but also for electrical test and measurement equipment.   
CR2032 (220mAh) 3V Lithium technology this seems to silently be improved regarding extended life-cycle.
In my surprise a six years old (from it production) 8846A DMM, this arrived as used and my inspection shown that installed CR2032 this is in like-new condition.

Now in May 23 2019,  I was in need to get stock of CR2032, and I voted for Sony this time.
First though as always when shopping from eBay, this was to inspect the product if this is genuine or Fake.

My quick research over the Internet helped me to realize that specific batch it is Genuine.
While production date this is not printed on the carton box, and also expiration date this is 2029, quick conclusion this is that SONY have the faith that such product will have a ten years trouble free life.

The fate of a battery this is it be discharged.
Only when the circuit using such a battery this is well designed and only then a battery will stay longer serving as power source.
8846A DMM (circuit) this using Soft-On power supply design, this translates that part of the power supply stays always active, and that CR2032 this serving to retain date and time, this staying unused.
In other words,  8846A DMM (circuit) this using the battery at identical conditions as to were a PC motherboard.

Therefore if such a battery it is rarely in use and rarely discharged, then sum of product life-cycle in years, this starts be an important factor.
Anonymous Industry of China which manufacturing also CR2032, they cannot deliver or honor a true long-lasting product ( 10 years) because they do not have necessary R&D to make it.
In other words, cheap no-name batteries they should be used only in fast draining devices, as Example: remote control and toys.

Bellow I am posting high quality pictures of  my SONY CR2032  in case that you will need them for a genuine or Fake comparison.

For SONY products specification you may visit  https://www.sony.net/Products/MicroBattery/cr/spec.html
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