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Bench-top multimeter


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[1] Tektronix DMM4050 (Fluke 8846A) VFD brightness restoration by total Debranding

[2] History facts Tektronix DMM4050 & Fluke 8846A 6.5 digit warranty / repair 2019

[3] ITTSB Blog Slideshow: Fluke View Forms for 8845A, 8846A, DMM4040, DMM4050

[4] 8845A, DMM4040 & 8846A, DMM4050 ERROR Codes / Quick fix / troubleshooting FAQ

[5] OutGuard (OutG) InGuard (InG) multimeter hardware and firmware definitions

[6] Cost of calibration for used HP / Agilent 34401A within Europe ( Jan 2019 )

[7] History facts FLUKE 8840A & 8840A/AF VS 8842A 5 1/2 multimeter comparison

[8] HP / Agilent 34401A with Serial Port - PC logging to Excel with IntuiLink

[9] Picture gallery of Fluke AC-09 True RMS AC Option Card for 8840A/8842A


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