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Author Topic: Who will even need a Digital Power Analyzer?  (Read 1252 times)

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Who will even need a Digital Power Analyzer?
« on: August 01, 2015, 11:01:28 AM »
Basic power analysis can start by measuring power in use in to a single or three phase system by three volt meters and three ampere meters.
This is possible by a basic setup of Handheld meters which they can be combined and offer to us measurement’s which we have to add them in our very own math calculation’s.

Now in favor of productivity it is supposed that a Digital Power Analyzer is the solution which saves the day because most calculations’ they are computed automatically and this translate to less need for making your own math.

What made me to write this topic is the realization that the description of Digital Power Analyzer is very generic and this can cause to electricians to buy tools which they do not really need.

After watching a fresh webinar by Yokogawa, I did realise that most expensive Digital Power Analyzers are made mostly to serve electric motor manufacturers. These tools they can do additional measurements’ which them have a practical value as material for electric motor design and certification, according to latest standards.

Because any wrong choice about buying equipments it does costs money and time, what make sense here are you to make your own home work, about your actual needs regarding the list of actual required measurements’ by your applications.

Some small vendors of Digital Power Analyzer and loggers, as for example HT Italia they have over-appreciated in their heads and this translating also in pricing, the practical value of those offered features due their products.

For example today every one can gain access to COS Φ electronic panel meter which this is also a power meter and comes at a pricing of 100$ USD, and it origin in naturally Asian like anything electronic today.
In 2015 there is still many examples of overpriced goods, and Digital Power Analyzers & loggers are no exception, and they do not even have even the straight to offer a fast visualization of real time waveforms, in comparison with a modern oscilloscope with 30,000 waveforms’ display update rate.

In conclusion be very careful when selecting such tools, some times tools which are not tailored for your needs will be demonstrated to you by local products resellers’ within in symposiums & Conferences for electricians.
If you write down in a paper, even once, your goals and business strategy as electrician, this definably will work as defence line against buying tools which you do not really need.
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