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Rohde & Schwarz RTB2000 VS GW Instek GDS-2000A


Kiriakos GR:
The German answer to GW Instek GDS-2000A it came with four years delay.

RTB2000 this is 50.000 wave-forms per second (Oscilloscope engine) with 10 bit ADC, and a larger touch screen.
RTB2000 price tag this is close to 2125 EUR for 100 MHz version.

I do follow Rohde & Schwarz marketing practices for two years (from a distance) and I am totally confused by their actions and strategy that they follow.
They did huge marketing noise in favor of HMO1002 even if this one was able just for 10.000 wave-forms per second which such performance were introduced by RIGOL 10 years ago at the price range of  400$ US.

Today regarding the release of Rohde & Schwarz RTB2000 I am reading titles as game changer device and other marketing bullshit.

Touch screen this is no innovation when one 30$ SMPS power supply this can tamper the frequency of touch screen controller and turn touch screen operation to useless, but here R&S it did something wise at their Scope Rider portable oscilloscope and this is the ability to disable touch screen and use manual controls.
I got this information from R&S R&D developer Mr. Markus Freidhof about six months or so.

GW Instek GDS-2102A this is my Oscilloscope that I am using it for four years, and actually today this has it fourth birthday in my hands. 

In the question of how GDS-2102A this measure up? I will answer that entire ITTSB Blog forum this is loaded with more than 600 topics (applications) including measurements’ and screen shots of GDS-2102A in action.
Today I will say that GDS-2000A it is an exceptional tool for every electric or electronics application by excluding just two.
Internal electronics’ and acquisition system this is not as fast to record trip time of one electric relay.
FFT interface this not demonstrating detailed view of harmonics and neither this is fast as I would expect for power analysis.   

Graphic user interface this is superb with large descriptions’ and numbers, eight parameters - measurements’ are displayed continuously and with DVM free software you get nine.

GDS-2000A push buttons among with rotary control knobs and power supply and display screen show no damage what so ever in all those four years.
Today I suppose that “Made in Taiwan” technology among with the slogan “Simply Reliable” it does relate to GDS2000A product line and with hard proofs.

Most wise advice to a fresh oscilloscope owners this is that you must grow with your Oscilloscope, yes but what if you grow that much that you are able to feel and see that your tool now this limit your own performance?
This is the time to look further and find a better one.

In the new package named as Rohde & Schwarz RTB2000 I am now convinced that simply a large screen with just 50000 wfms/s and four (parameters) measurements’ available in the graphic user interface, it does not make it a solution of progress within 2017, but rather another one product addition at R&S portfolio.

10 Bit ADC and FFT this better implemented that what GDS2000A come with, in no way worth double the price of GDS2000A at 100MHz bandwidth.

Rohde & Schwarz brand has wide products portfolio for special applications, as brand they did choices over the years, they crippled old HAMEG in order R&S to shown as innovator of latest technology and at the same time they follow one pricing policy which is not in the limits of people working with vast majority of electrical and electronics applications of our times.

10 Bit ADC will improve demonstrating resolution in sound signals, you can possibly make better sound filters (Low pass / High pass) or simply review known wave-forms with better clarity, but in the end of the day RTB2000 this is not the game changer because it is not able to play even regular games.
Best choice for Education it is written at page No 10 at RTB2004  (product specifications sheet) now we need to find students having 2000 Euro in their pockets.
When and if Rohde & Schwarz comes with RTB4000 then I will reevaluate their offering and price tag, and I will offer my opinion to ITTSB Blog readers.
The title of entry level oscilloscope for professional use this stays according my experiences collected for four years to GW Instek and to GDS2000A series.


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