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Author Topic: Free of charge, Large electronics project box - MGE Pulsar ESV 22+  (Read 1169 times)

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Another one of my lucky days   8)  a neighbor and repair man of computers did a cleanup at his storage, several old computers and other peripherals take the road to recycling facility,  but this box attracted my attention.
MGE Pulsar ESV 22+ this is ups made at 2005 or so, ups product concept this is close to APC 2200 units which had two metallic cabinets at default setup.
Second metallic cabinet this was dedicated for batteries storage.

MGE Pulsar ESV 22+ internal PCB this comes very close to architecture of APC SUA-1000XL , this translates that also this MGE ups was designed for 24 hours or more of operation, this serving small servers and similar loads.

I our times no one makes dedicated metallic cabinets so them to host medium to large in weight power supply.
Thanks to my good neighbor this metallic case now belongs to me,  and soon or later it will have a second life by serving in one of my upcoming projects.  ;)

In case that you like to learn more details of this huge EMC Filter follow this link. http://www.ittsb.eu/forum/index.php?topic=1333.0
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