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Author Topic: "Great Instrument of China" Awards - What is this ?  (Read 257 times)

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"Great Instrument of China" Awards - What is this ?
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:14:20 PM »
Only very few people including my self that we do monitor products releases and marketing moves in the market of electrical test and measurement equipments’, we can sense what is happening right now in China.

"Great Instrument of China" award this distributed by a group named as: China Electronics Technology Network, this is another one government tool this serving at offering praise to Chinese brands.
Naturally China can not be accused about using such practices in order to boost morale of their own people.

Americans using similar techniques of awarding a company and product, by them also keeping close their eyes at GLOBAL made technological progress.
It’s not a mystery of why Frost & Sullivan never praised a Taiwanese Oscilloscope, no matter of how advanced this is.

Japanese they also have their own company-praising-organization, and because products diversity this is large in Japan, such an organization it does deliver more than a thousand awards its year.

Naturally such cheap practices of praising any one and anything because they are our own HOME-BOY these are meaningless at the eyes of worldwide consumers.

Last hope of consumers about them receiving honest and cleared of marketing bullshit information, was product reviews presented by qualifying Bloggers.
Such revolution of honest distributed information’s by the assistance of few corporation’s which they did have innovative products ready for the market, this it did started at 2011~2012.
Olympic Games concept this serving also electrical test and measurement equipments market this was great to have.
At 2014 and after, several corporations started pulling-out of such games.
They did that because such competition was forcing them to keep product development as top priority.
From 2014 up to now almost first quarter of 2018, this is a dry period regarding fresh innovating product releases.
Blogs and Bloggers working for such sector them counting to product reviews about making content, vast majority this has leaved from this game.

Old practices returned at most such corporations:
a)   Use of local home-boys praising organizations.
b)   Forcing their own worker’s do Blogging about them selves.
c)   Stay quiet and do nothing.
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