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GDS2000A Emergency Firmware Update Procedure - firmware recovery How-To


Kiriakos GR:
GDS2000A Emergency Firmware Update Procedure - firmware recovery How-To

Most oscilloscopes come with two Firmware Update Procedures.
First one this is well documented and this including use of GUI (Graphic User Interface).
User should navigate at files menu, and simply select firmware file this stored at USB stick removable drive.
Firmware update will start and finish automatically and the user will receive relative messages on screen.

Second procedure of emergency firmware update this is not documented.

Very recently at a school room, this including GDS2000A Oscilloscopes’ inexperienced students with out authorization from their teacher they decide to perform Firmware update all by them selves.
Firmware updates this failed to complete due power loss or because they did powered off the oscilloscope at wrong time.
This Oscilloscope it did lost it ability to boot and turned in to a brick.

Emergency firmware recovery this includes few steps but all should be performed by precision.
a)   In to a fresh formatted USB stick removable drive you have to decompress latest firmware file. 
b)   Insert  USB stick removable drive at GDS2000A
c)   Power on the Oscilloscope and at the same time you should move VARIABLE knob left and right for a few seconds.
d)   Emergency boot loader menu starts and you need to follow on-screen messages.
e)   When first stage of firmware update procedure this completes, and by not removing USB stick removable drive from the Oscilloscope, you need to reboot it so second stage of update this to begging so entire update procedure this to completes too.

Personally never needed using such back-door, I have perform more than ten firmware updates at my scope and all successful.
All sensitive equipments at my workbench they are always protected by uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) and this is also my golden advice to all my readers.


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