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Author Topic: problem at photographing led digits this is now solved (panel meter)  (Read 209 times)

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For about 15 years I am using Olympus C2100 Ultra Zoom for taking my pictures, it is so great that I have three of them.
Specific camera it is also fantastic performer at infrared spectrum, taking black & White pictures in the dark.

Unfortunately when it comes down taking pictures of cheap LED panel meter, there is a huge problem, LED digits looking as over-saturated and also as to be huge digital noise over them.

This time instead me compensating my C2100 UZ camera settings I thought to test Samsung Galaxy S5 at the same conditions, and yes the picture came out far more improved.

Personally I am from the people whom dislike LED as workshop lights, today I am finally aware of why,  it is more easy to manufacture cheap LED them also blasting significant power at infrared spectrum,  than making scientific research at focusing LED light power to be delivered at color spectrum that naked eye can see.


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