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Author Topic: Tonghui TH1963 Most advanced (Made in China) 6 1/2 multimeter Released 7-2018  (Read 344 times)

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Online Kiriakos GR

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Tonghui brand this is a known developer of electrical test and measurement products, but mostly in domestic market of China.

TH1963 this is fresh released product (7-2018), it is a 6 1/2 bench-top multimeter which comes with very modern color graphical display.
Color graphical display this is new trend  (past four years) followed by Keysight (Truevolt series) and also by keithley - tektronix.

First visual impression this caused to me by the picture of Tonghui TH1963, this is a very positive one,  and I did not hesitate to contact Tonghui brand about receiving more documentation about their fresh meter.

In our times, specification as is accuracy over a year period of most known high-quality 6 1/2 bench-top multimeter, this is close to identical.
Only product design parameters which can make the difference, this is measuring speed update, and over all performance of  modern color graphical display.

Until few years ago, USB connectivity and logging with Windows PC software by the use of  6 1/2 bench-top multimeter, this was not an industry trend.
Picotest in Taiwan (about 8 years ago) they did introduce M3500A (Among with USB logger with software), and also ADCMT in Japan they have a similar offering, but neither of both they using color graphical display.

Nowadays most consumers they do highly appreciate offered benefits of one 6 1/2 bench-top multimeter with USB logger software, today more and more people seeking an easy to use testing system this not having GPIB complexity, this neither requiring Software Developer skills.

I think that time will show degree of enthusiasm behind walls of Tonghui castle regarding their fresh product.
Who knows? It might be possible ITTSB blog to host a product review of this meter in the future.
Either way soon I am going to guess the future, by evaluating the response from the side of Tonghui castle  :)

4.3-inch LCD color display, Chinese and English menu
■  6 1/2 bit 1199999 digits reading (TH1963)
■  Test speed up to 1000 / s
■  Small size, front and rear input terminal, easy to shelve
■  Histogram, bar graph, trend chart display
■  AC low frequency signal can be tested down to 3Hz
■  Capacitance test function
■  Up to 5V diode test voltage
■  Stores data up to 10,000
■  Fast Chinese and English help

■  Production line workbench
■  Maintenance workbench
■  Teaching laboratory
■  Automated test equipment
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Online Kiriakos GR

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My communication with Tonghui headquarters only gain which offered to me this is a complete User manual.
I did not sensed any enthusiasm in their team about TH1963 and now I am aware of the why ?

Newest Tonghui TH1963 (6-2018)
Newest GW Instek GDM-9061 (10-2018)
Yokogawa DM7560 (12-2016)
ALL ARE CLONES of Keysight 34461A that is technology released  6-2013

Identical product specifications regarding DCV accuracy and in all measuring parameters accuracy.
Cloning (collaboration and technology sharing) this is not a crime, but from consumers perspective neither of them worth any bragging rights.  :P
From the other hand if hardware this is identical then quality graphic user inter-phase and also quality PC software these are the only differences which some one should evaluate and make a choice.

Keysight this is a recognizable source which it does deliver firmware updates and support,  with GW Instek running behind in performance with firmware updates taking over six months to be released.
Yokogawa seems more as seller than a developer of bench-top multimeter, they do not offer in public any firmware release due their website,  and in last position comes Tonghui as their website is made with bricks of the year of 2001,  there is no real time engagement with customers, there is no software updates, just a bit of text and pictures and a single email and person to contact to.     

In conclusion, if Agilent (Keysight) did their product release at 2013 then entire hardware this is based on technology of the year 2010, and therefore behind these fancy screens there is no fresh smell of hardware no matter whom does the assembly and brand logo.

Possibly all  these multimeter it is a step forward than HP/Agilent 34401A this be discontinued December 1 2016, when thinking test systems as application,  but specifications-wise these are also identical products in electrical parameters accuracy specification and HP/Agilent 34401A this is technology of 90s.
I am not aware if multimeter developers hands they are restricted due active patented technology ? But the better , faster , long term accurate multimeter, this reasonably priced, this is not here yet at 6 1/2 digits.

And no, I do not consider offerings from Fluke - Keithley - Tektronix as them be anything superior or further advanced so to be called as a winner.     
Such statistical product development just gives reason of existence in the market of used meters, really old 8842A and 34401A they swap hands every day within eBay and disappointed buyers with these multimeter performance they push them again within eBay for sale by the hope taking their money back.
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