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Author Topic: Unboxing Review - Keysight U1174A carrying case for HH digital multimeter |2018  (Read 328 times)

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Back in time at April 27 2011, then I was fortunate to receive email from Agilent HH marketing organization so to perform a road test on their U1272A multimeter.
Among with the U1272A I did receive under my request and one soft case for it, this is no other than U1174A soft carrying case.

Later on (2012) I did also receive an U1273A for a product review, and safe guard this inside a generic soft case.
Within November 2018 I did purchased an third used U1272A so to create my wireless data logging test system, applications served are three phase data logging among with R&D tests and circuit quality verification.

This time I was unable to skip buying the BEST Designed soft case even within 2018 with second best the one for HIOKI HH multimeter.

First revision of Agilent U1174A, this was remarkable made due three well implemented details.

First one this is the position of internal strap which this is stitched at the right side of the soft case, this helping correct positioning of the multimeter so this not stealing space from the left side that will be used as test leads storage area.

Second detail this is internal pocket this is underneath of top cover, this additional storage compartment using or covers 15 centimeters of 20 centimeters internal height.
This is firmly stitched and stored accessories as for example main test probes or other 4mm banana accessories they do stay in place all times.

Third significant detail this is well targeted padding, protective pillows’ they are stitched or placed at the right positions, and this is an offering of 100% protection.

This month I got three U1174A stamped with Keysight logo and all are revision of 2014.
In my surprise the third one this came stamped with Agilent logo, but this is not a problem.
This 2014 produced soft case revision now includes one detachable 20 centimeters soft strap which can be used as compartment separator.

I did need few minutes so to understand the use of this new compartment separator strip, mostly because U1272A this is a full-size multimeter, and storage ability of  U1174A this is exact for one multimeter and it test leads (cables).
Now I can conclude that this separator helps when this case is used for small form-factor multimeter or with a current clamp.
Such concept this is a brilliant though assisting product multi-use (a single case which transforms as needed).

I was tempted tenths of times over the past seven years about to buy cheapest copycat soft case from eBay, and all times I did step back at the last second.

First negative detail this is the strap securing the meter this is stitched at the center of the compartment, the one whom thought that, his worth grand price of stupidity.

Second negative detail this is the pocket at top case, this is narrower in height compared to U1174A.
Knockoff case pocket this looks as plastic back which accessories can move freely in it and escape by them self’s.

Third negative detail this is overall build quality and materials in use, we all must consider that such products they must follow regulations and or specifications including even humans hygiene.

It is obligation of every consumer to use common sense and not unlimited excitement when selecting a product which will use and touch frequently.
Dangerous petrochemical products are all around as among with alive bacteria, and even dirt this collected at outdoor work sites.

Therefore the Good in quality soft case must be designed and made by an expert and more specifically by some one that you can trust.
All the above arguments make sense to me, but I will also mention that cheap soft cases of any type they are stitched in factories using underage workers and this is criminal activity against human rights.

In summary this Keysight U1174A carrying case it is my favorite and I do appreciate in full it over all quality, smart design, protective, long lasting  ( my first U1174A / 2011 even now at 2018 this does no has any signs of  material deterioration or other damage).
Today I own four of them and I did discover a new storage application and this is storage area for a Kit of three U1177A Bluetooth modules among with spare alkaline batteries and or two of U1176A test leads light torch or other accessories of your choice.
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